How It All Started…

I’ve always been fascinated with dollhouse and miniatures. In fact, my parents gave me a wooden Victorian dollhouse when I was a kid as a Christmas present. Ever since then, I built up the house and even changed the furniture. Sadly, I had to chuck the dollhouse because to my horror, the wood started developing mold and mildew. An even double blow occurred when I was moving out to my current place, my box of dollhouse furniture was lost in the transition.

Started returning to my hobby in June 2008, after checking eBay and coming across the new miniatures. Also ran into Modern MC’s awesome blog. Her collection of modern dollhouses and miniatures made me realize a couple of things:

a) This is my absolute passion

b) Now that I’m earning a salary, I can indulge even more (as a kid, I had to rely on getting $$$ from Mom & Dad in exchange for an excellent report card).

c) Where else can I get a Le Corbousier couch and not be forced to eat ramen for the rest of my life? I can cut that down to maybe a month or two…

d) It probably gives my boyfriend (BK) piece of mind knowing I’m doing something constructive and not likely to cause mayhem or the occasional brush-in with the law. Plus I think he’s amused by it all (just kidding hun)!

and last, but not least,

e) No mortgages or monthly utilities to pay for multiple properties. Dealing with that crap regarding my studio is enough for me, thank you very much.

Like most fans of modern miniatures, the biggest challenge is actually finding stuff that fits the genre. A couple of places are now selling modern looking furniture and accessories online, but they’re often limited in quantity and/or bloody expensive. Which kinda forces me to sometimes jerry-rig something…

Hopefully, this blog will pique the interest of many and help other enthusiasts like Modern MC spread their love for modern miniatures.



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