Meet the Inhabitants

I was initially only going to get one dollhouse — something that would represent my “dream house”. Because seriously, unless BK or me either won the lottery or became CEO of a corporation (that didn’t receive the bailout preferably), there’s no way on #&@#&@# world will I be able to afford a house.

Well, that plan backfired. Thanks to eBay and Craigslist DC, I found myself with THREE dolhouses instead. And none of them was the dreamhouse.

Before I gave myself a heart attack on where I’ll put these houses in my studio apt, BK suggested that I set the houses up like they were in a neighborhood — each house represents a household and a different lifestyle of sorts. Thought that’d be a good idea — at least that lets me keep the houses somehow ;-).

Of course, what’s a dollhouse without its residents right? In true obsession fashion, I present to you the (at the moment) residents of my imaginary neighborhood. Given the characters of my residents, I’ll assume they live somewhere in the DC Metro area…

The Tremaine Household (Avery & Isolde, with daughter Selene and Churchill)

Residents of a refurbished Victorian. The family relocated to the area from London due to Avery’s job transfer at a defense firm. Until further notice, the Tremaines will be remaining in the neighborhood for a good while. Avery works as a mechanical engineer while wife Isolde works as a freelance graphic designer.

While Avery hails from Great Britain, his wife Isolde was born and raised in Cork, Ireland. She and Avery met in Barcelona through a mutual colleague. Two years after their marriage, their only child Selene (now 14) was born in Manchester.

Currently, the family enjoys hosting game nights at their house for their friends. Isolde is tentatively trying her hand in designing a clothing line for children while enjoying outings with her new friend Alicia. Selene, while homesick for England, nonetheless enjoys spending time with her new friends and her new puppy Churchill. Plus, she has become the favorite babysitter of the neighborhood, as well as the object of affection for a particular teenage boy…

While Selene is currently an only child, there’s a possibility of Avery and Isolde considering a new addition to the family….

The Johnson-Valentine Household (Trent & George with twins Ethan and Emily)

Trent Johnson and George Valentine have been together for almost ten years. Both attended college at NYU and took classes together, but they never got to know each other until their senior year. After graduating from college, they maintained a long distance relationship — Trent worked for an interior design firm in Manhattan while George was completing law school in Atlanta. Assuming that George would be moving to DC to pursue a career in the government, Trent decided to move to the nations capital and open his own home furnishings shop along the U Street Corridor. As for George, he graduated with a degree in immigration law and upon completing the DC bar, was hired to work for a think tank group in Dupont Circle.

Despite their busy work schedules, George and Trent wanted to raise a family. After numerous attempts at adoption, they were able to adopt twins Ethan and Emily. With two new additions, George and Trent decided to move the family out of the city and into the suburbs. They purchased an incomplete townhouse in the neighborhood and began renovations to suit the couple’s urban tastes while accommodating the demands of raising six-year-old twins.

Currently, George continues to work in Dupont Circle while Trent splits his time between running his shop and staying home with the kids. Luckily, George’s cousin Alicia and her husband Marcus live nearby, so Trent and George have a backup in case the twins’ favorite babysitter Selene is unavailable!

The Campbell Household (Marcus & Alicia)

Alicia is George’s cousin, and a long time resident of the DC Metro area. As for Marcus, he originally hailed from Philadelphia but attended college at Virginia Tech, where he and Alicia met (yeah, go Hokies!). After dating for almost six years, they ended up getting married in Annapolis.

Currently, Alicia works as a chemical engineer in the same defense firm as Avery while Marcus works as a developer in the same company as Daphne (see next family entry). Shortly after their wedding, the couple bought a renovated Arts & Crafts house in the neighborhood, next door to the Tremaine family. Alicia was extremely thrilled when she heard George and his partner Trent were moving in the same area with their kids. Marcus was excited at having a bigger place — he can now set up his entertainment system and enjoy the football season in pure style!

While both of them love kids (they love spoiling Ethan and Emily whenever possible), Marcus and Alicia decided to hold off having a family. Which is probably good, since both love to shop and travel extensively. Alicia is a shopaholic, and often drives poor Marcus crazy whenever the credit card statements arrive in the mail. But he loves electronics, so I guess that makes them even…

The Eocháin Family (Bryan, Daphne, Aidan, & Madeline)

The Eocháins (pronounced Koh-hain) are the oldest residents in the neighborhood. Though they are currently living in a rented unit until their house is completed*.

[*meaning I haven’t found their house yet, so they’re living on a shelf above my desk until further notice].

Bryan originally hailed from Boston but moved to the DC Metro area after accepting a job offer to work at the Pentagon. Daphne was originally from the Philippines, but moved to the DC area with her family at age seven. Both met through an online dating service, and after an eight year relationship, got married. Now they are the proud parents of Aidan (age 14) and Madeline (or ‘Maddie’, age 5).

Daphne works for a software company as its senior web developer with Marcus. Bryan had quit his job at DoD and opened up his own business as a consultant, which allows him to work from home. Aidan enjoys playing sports and playing the guitar in his band “Plead the Fifth.” While he won’t admit it, he also has a secret crush for the Tremaine’s daughter Selene. As for Maddie, she will start kindergarten in the upcoming school year — her mother is thrilled, though her father is sad at the thought of his little princess growing up so quickly…

Along with the kids, the family also have three dogs — Patton (a black Lab), McArthur (a Golden Retriever), and Eisenhower (a German shepherd).

The Eocháins are close with all the residents of the neighborhood, and are looking forward to throwing a housewarming once their house is completed**

[Assuming the writer of this blog finds their house FAST…]


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