I Will Get You Yet, My Prett(ies)….

My sister Lorelei has the most awesome-ass dining set in her apartment. It’s a vintage Danish/Eames set from the 1960s that was refurbished by someone who definitely had a passion for it. The worst part? Sis scored it on Craigslist for around $400-500. Whenever BK and I come over to see her place whenever there’s a family gathering, we both get misty eyed each time we see the set.

But alas, my sister will not part with her dearly beloved set. Trust me, I tried.

Me: Hey sis, think I can get that set from you?

Lorelei: What? No way. Get your own set.



Since the chance of having that set is about the same as me becoming President of the United States, I decided to see if I can one comparable in 1:12 scale.

Luckily I found this dining set on eBay UK (which, I dunno about you, seems to have a WAY BETTER selection of miniatures for one’s bidding pleasure). The table reminds me of the Danish/Eames style I perpetually lust after. And the chairs look pretty cool. The downside? The chairs’ upholstery was that awful plastiky/polyster mix. But the upside — I was armed with Tacky Glue, scissors, tweezers, and some fabric on clearance at my local AC Moore…

Was pretty surprised how this turned out. I honestly thought reupholstering the chairs was going to be something beyond my scope. But luckily the old fabric and padding were easy to remove. Took a couple of tries, but the new fabric definitely gave the pieces a fresh look.

Apparently I did a really good that when BK saw the finished product, he actually looked at them for a few minutes and asked if I was planning to give this set to the Eocháins. I meant to put this in George and Trent’s townhouse, but…given the look on BK’s face, guess it’s going to be in Daphne and Bryan’s possession.

Trent: This here’s a vintage set —

Daphne: I love it. How much is it?

Trent: You sure Dee? Don’t you want to discuss this with Bryan first?

Daphne: You kidding me? If Bryan was here, he’d be in the parking lot trying to cram this set in the car! I’m being nice and offering to buy it from you! Now take my AMEX before I start having other ideas!

The Purchase





Crap, I’m going to have to intensify my search for a new dining room…



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