Designer Bedding? Don’t Think So

Despite having a brutal day at the office, I wanted to work on the dollhouses. But given my brain cells were on strike, I had to do something that didn’t require much logic. Then I remembered that the beds I bought for the Tremaine and Campbell houses were pretty bare. And since shops were selling sheet/comforter sets at around $10 starting, figured this might be the project of choice.

I dug through my craft box (or the bin o’ crap — your pick), and found fabric I bought awhile back from AC Moore, as well as some thick felt and my trusty fabric glue. Thirty minutes later — and with sticky fingers — I managed to create the following creations.

New Bedding







For the Tremaine’s master bedroom, I wanted to go for something that was very colorful, chic, and practical. Something I know Isolde would opt to purchase for the household.

Immediately thought she’d be the type who’d shop at IKEA for most things — after all, it’s all European style/inspired household goods, so am sure it’s as close to being back to Europe for her and the rest of her family….

[You can’t really see it, but the bed’s from the Ashley collection from Lee’s Line. I scored big on the bed by buying it on Ebay from Spencer Creek Christmas Shoppe – they carry pieces that considered ‘second hand’. Mattresses for both beds I got on eBay as well.]

After I finishing this set, I put it in the Tremaine’s master bedroom, for the couple to try out/assess. Guess they like it, since Avery looks like he’s ready to take a nap, much to Isolde’s amusement. Or maybe he’s thinking of some afternoon nookie with wifey (that’s what BK thought when he saw this photo — the perv).



As for the other bed, it’s meant for the Campbells. I took the leftover fabric from the dining chairs and decided to use them as bedding. Figured given Alicia’s taste for all things stylish, it’d be up her alley. It turned out really nice against the white wire frame (another discovery from eBay UK). Almost looks like something you’d see at some high end boutique or department stores. Totally Alicia’s cup of tea.

Unfortunately, when I set up the new bed in the Campbell residence, I didn’t expect this reaction from the newlyweds. I’m actually feeling guilty that this transpired.

In pure fashion, I took a picture of what happened. Hopefully they didn’t mind…


Alicia: Isn’t this great? I found it at Marimekko in Silver Spring. It looks fantastic on the bed.

Marcus: It looks great, babe, but… [sees the credit card receipt] You spent WHAT on this bedding???

Alicia: But it’s from Marimekko Marcus! And it was on sale!

Marcus: Babe, $250 for bedding isn’t a bargain! Good lord, I just paid off that credit card!

Alicia: Then we just don’t go out to dinner for a few weeks! I wanted this bedding, and I got it! Trust me, you’ll love this! Now, check out what else I got today…

Marcus:  [breaks out in a cold sweat]



Maybe I should stock their kitchen with some beer or something strong. Looks like poor Marcus is going to need it later tonight.







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