I Think I’m Going Japanese….

Ever since I resurrected this hobby, I’ve been spending even more time online. Notably eBay since you just don’t know what you’ll find.




Take this for example. I was looking for a unique looking dresser and ran into this beauty. A couple of clicks, $15, and a few days later, it arrived (along with a matching shelf unit). It’s a well made piece, though am currently debating whether to apply some stain on it to simulate rosewood or a darker wood grain. Hoping over time, the vendor will have more stuff available. Thoughts of an Asian themed dollhouse or miniature comes unbidden to my mind (I can hear BK groaning at the thought of losing even more space at the apartment).

As you can see, Trent knew he hit the jackpot since George seems to take a keen interest in it. That’s always a good sign, since George would be right at home eating on an antique Louis XIV dining set — or on a bare wooden floor, much to Trent’s exasperation.


Trent: What you do think? Isn’t this a great piece for the townhouse?

George: [peers into the drawers] It IS nice…then again, you always pick out great pieces Trent. You know that.

Trent: But it’s from Japan! It’s an antique! Look at the storage space! We can put this in your office or in the bedroom! It’d be a great conversation piece!

George: [opens the sliding cabinet doors] Huh, you’re right — it does have great storage space. This would be great for the kids’ rooms — stow away their toys and books…

Trent: [walks away throwing his arms up in the air and muttering to himself]


While George tries to comfort/calm his partner down, the Campbells come across the same cabinet as well.


Marcus: [checks out the sliding doors] Babe, check this out! Man, Trent knows what looks good!

Alicia: Marcus, we’re not getting another storage piece for your electronics! We’re here for a couch!

Marcus: [sticks his head inside the cabinet] But babe, look how much space this has! I can chuck all my sports gear here!  It’d be great!

Alicia: [horrified] Marcus, this is an antique cabinet, not some smelly locker from your high school years! Now get away from there and let’s find our couch okay??






2 thoughts on “I Think I’m Going Japanese….

  1. I just found your blog today and am enjoying it a lot. The mention of Japanese made me think MAYBE you might be interested in my auction for a couple of little japanese dolls that would be collectibles for your inhabitants:

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