Happy Mother’s Day

Nothing much to write here, except wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. My sister and I sent a bunch of floral arrangements to our Mom and our honorary ‘mothers’ (aunts who have known us through the years).

So to Mom and our honorary ‘mothers’: just want to say thank you for everything you all have done. Am sure there were moments you all wanted to either smack us upside the head or worse whenever we did something ridiculously dumb. Thank you for not opting for that! Hope you all are proud of us!

As for the dolls, the ladies (and honorary ‘Mr. Mom’) of the block decided to spend the day with the following itinerary:

  • Part I: A Korean food fest at Yenchon in Annandale, followed by a dessert/snack pick up at Shilla Bakery. Trent and Daphne are die hard fans of their Bingsoo….
  • Part II: Spending the day at the Campbell residence watching movies and playing catch-up. A must in their list of movies to watch: Sex and the City (series & movie), 300, Fight Club, Casablanca, Slumdog Millionaire, and Love Actually.
  • Part III: Dinner out at Hong Kong Palace in Falls Church. Alicia is dying to try the steamed Chengdu dumplings and dry beef Isolde and Trent kept raving about. Daphne hopes she packed enough Pepto for them all afterwards.

Man, I want their itinerary…the idea of eating Korean, Szechuan and Hunan food is making me hungry….


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Really? The bingsoo at Shilla is my first exposure to it. It's mighty tasty — I'll have to try Le Matin next (slowly coaxing BK to try more Korean places).

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