Apparently A War’s Brewing…

…a home decor war, that is.

If you all recall, I meant to give George and Trent a dining set that I modified not too long ago. But BK insisted that it instead go to the Eocháins instead since it was more to their taste as well (besides, BK argued that the extra seats would be useful if Daphne or Bryan’s parents decided to show up unexpectantly for dinner). So the Eocháins scored the Danish set while the Johnson-Valentine household will get something else.

Unfortunately, while surfing eBay, I came across this cabinet. True, it’s from Hong Kong (meaning $$$ in the shipping department). But it’s pretty. And I can’t find this anywhere else. And price-wise, it’s not bad at all.

Plus, it would look great in George’s office. Something very traditional — something Trent would probably agree in having in the house. Though he’d probably be putting barricades around to protect it against the resident pair of ankle biters. Or stocking the cleaning closet with either orange oil, Murphy’s Wood Soap, or Pledge (did I share the fact he’s a bit OCD?).

In pure fashion I shared this discovery with BK. What I didn’t expect was the conversation to go into this:

Me: Was thinking of putting it in George’s office. Whaddya think?

BK: What? It should be in Daphne and Bryan’s place! It’d be a great china cabinet!

Me: Whoa there buddy. They already have that Danish set. If you want this cabinet in their dining room, then George and Trent get their original dining set back.

BK: But I like that set too….

Me: Good lord hun, they’re dolls. I don’t think they’d mind.

BK: [long pause] Well I mind…

Seriously, the gmail chat went on like this for a good while.

After doing some number crunching and checking the vendor’s other items, I decided on a compromise. I’ll get two of the cabinets (one for George’s office, and another for the Eocháins) and go from there.

Though I might give the Danish dining set back to Trent and George. Good thing Trent and Daphne are good friends….


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