Having A Mastercard (Though I Used A Visa) Moment Here

And more than likely, will have more of these if I continue this habit hobby.

With the dining set dilemma still fresh on my mind (and with Friday being payday), I decided to see what I could do. Armed with a goal (or two), my trusty Visa checkcard, and a measuring tape (yes, I always keep it in my purse), I drove down to Once Upon A Time, the miniature shop closest to my place. Even though I made a list and a budget, those fizzled the minute I walked into their dollhouse/miniature section.

Three hours later (and at least two purgings of my shopping basket), I finally left the shop elated — and poorer than before.I didn’t exactly find a dining set for the soon to arrive china cabinets. But I did come across this set collecting dust in the shop’s clearance bin. It’s not bad looking — the wood looks like pecan, and the rattan was in excellent condition. Plus, it kinda reminded me of the dining furniture I might see at Crate and Barrel. Of course, unlike CB’s infamous prices, this was actually cheap. The original price was set to $30, but I got it close to 50% off.

I dug deeper into the clearance bin (must have been lucky — the shop owner was in the process to marking down and putting new items in the bins during my search. More purchses – woot!!) and came across this bed. BK saw it at a shop up in Frederick MD and noted that it looked similar to my bed back at the apartment. In a way it does — but I wasn’t crazy about the wood color and the bedding. A little too ‘country’, to be honest. On top of that, the price tag said it costs about $80. I dunno about you, but I may be obsessed, but I’m not that crazy. Guess the financial or miniature gods heard my sarcastic thoughts, because a few months later, I find that same bed at my favorite shop. Luckily, the shop keeper gave me a price discount on the spot when she saw me contemplating over it. Thanks Betty for hooking me up!

Before shots of the bed and dining set

After picking up a couple of more items (I can see my family and friends rolling their eyes if they saw what I bought), I made a quick run at Michaels to see what I could do about changing the wood color. Was worried I’d have to sand the pieces down and apply stain/varnish on them. But a sales person actually suggested that I try using the wood coloring markers instead, and a water based craft varnish.

An hour later, and $10 less, I finally drove back to my apartment. In between dinner, laundry, and watching ‘Taken’ with BK (good movie by the way), I was able to transform the clearance items into these:

The bed and dining set after their transformation

BK came by the dining table (where I was working) and impressed with the end results. And I was actually surprised when he officially declared (before he went to bed): “Hun, THAT should go with the Eocháins. The other set can go back with Trent and George.” Of course he made no comment on the bed — he already knew it was going to Daphne and Bryan after all.So in short I experienced the following:

One dining set: $18

One double bed: $40

Two wood markers, a brush set, and bottle of varnish: $10

Making items that ended the dining set wars: Priceless

I hope this closes the book the whole dining room fiasco. Two families get two dining sets. And I go to bed one happy (but tired) miniaturist.

Bryan testing out the new bed Daphne bought


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