Just Bumming Around

Despite going to bed around 3 am this morning (see previous post), I woke up a few hours later. Since I couldn’t sleep, decided to pull out the trusty bin o’ crap and see what I can do in the meantime.

I had forgotten that I won this daybed on eBay late last year. It was listed as a daybed, but apparently it’s a stylish sofa from AG Minis. It was in okay condition — the white paint was chipped in some areas, and the main seat cushion was pretty worn out. Ended up using some nail polish to match the original varnish and covering the old cushion with some scrap fabric.  After making the pillows, it looks way better than before.

Finished look of my "funky couch". Need to do a slipcover though....

Hmm…think I’ll stop for the day. Suddenly craving a sandwhich, and from the look on BK’s face, looks like we’ll be spending the rest of Sunday outside. Works for me!

Caught this when I was storing the furnishings away in my storage bins. Looks like Ethan and Emily wanted to test out their parents’ new bed…

Ethan and Emily trying out the new temperpedic mattress their dads George and Trent just bought.


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