Need to Wipe the Drool….Excuse Me….

First off — hope everyone’s enjoying the Memorial Day weekend! Yesterday was nice and sunny, and now I just woke up to the news saying how the DC Metro area will be cloudy with scattered showers during the holiday. Man, so much for going outside to grill some hot dogs or maybe my homemade bulgogi-inspired flank steaks… šŸ˜¦




Ever since I came across Modern MC’s Mini Modern blog on her growing (but freaking AWESOME) dollhouse/miniature collection, it’s become a daily ritual for me to check it at least twice a day. Not only does she have a section that shows what interesting pieces are on eBay, but she provides interesting news on products and what not.

Take this for example. Late Friday afternoon, she posted an alert about how a modern children’s furniture company called Argington had a set of their furniture but in miniature (Modern MC reported the scale to be 1:10 but should work in 1:12 scale). It wasn’t until I got a closer look that I was completely floored.


Sadly, Modern MC reported in her blog (and Altera in the comments) that the set is not for sale.Ā  Nuts! Just when I was ready to sell a kidney or blood. Or maybe dip into my 401(k). I mean, this counts as hardship right?

Ahh, so sad. Guess I’ll just stick to my usual avenue of getting miniatures…



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