Time to Bring Out the Hard Hat…

Finally, some time to post an entry!

Was hoping to post something during the week, but things have been hectic both inside and outside of the office. Luckily, the minute Friday rolled around, I made it a point to come to work extra early….just so I can leave early to kick start the weekend. I mean, seriously, I’m only getting paid for about 8 hrs of work. Hence, the minute my shift’s up, I’m out the door.

I mentioned in one of the entries how Trent and George are residing in a townhouse. Was worried I’d have to jerry-rig (sic) a bookcase to make that happen. But I came across Earth and Tree in New Hampshire and they sell some very cute (and reasonably priced) dollhouses. The best part was that they carry what they call “wall houses” — basically a dollhouse that you can install directly into a wall. It was from this line I ended up purchasing the Hampton kit as the townhouse.

To be honest, I actually bought and received the kit a little over a month ago. Poor package was collecting dust next to my china cabinet until today. Knew I wasn’t going to finish it today…but figured I should at least get the structure set up.

Instructions were pretty straightforward — all the pieces were cut perfectly so it was a matter of sliding them into slots, then nailing the pieces together. But as you can see in the photos, I haven’t hammered the nails into place. Instead, just used masking tape to hold everything together as a “dry build”. Probably a good thing, since I had to take the whole thing apart a few times to sand/scrape the parts to fit perfectly. Then reassemble and take it apart once more in order to drill holes for the electrical outlets (that’s right, I’m going to attempt to have working lights in the townhouse).

After the place was hammered and glued together, I finally let George and Trent (and the kids) take a look at the place. Judging from the photo, the two seemed pretty pleased with how it’s turning out.



Usually George isn’t into the whole home thing (his firm’s still all abuzz about Obama’s proclamation about appointing LGBT candidates to Senate-confirmed positions, along with other things). But if the topic will involve Emily and Ethan, he’ll get involved. Apparently caught him showing the twins where their new room will be.

I couldn’t find where Trent disappeared to — till I saw him poring over my stack of home interior magazines for wallpaper/wall color.  Since the kids are still young, the ‘rents figured they can share a room and explore having seperate quarters later.

Of course, like any parents inspecting a new home, there’s always a risk for danger. Poor Trent and George. I heard shortly after this event, they left the kids with Alicia and Marcus and went out for stiff drinks with the Eochains…










2 thoughts on “Time to Bring Out the Hard Hat…

  1. Hi Noemi, majority of the dolls mentioned in this blog were actually purchased from artisan Sandy Calderon (http://sandycalderon.com/). Only one of them I actually got completely dressed — the rest I either had to make their clothes or purchased miniature pieces for them to wear.I absolutely love them — and Sandy's an awesome artisan to work with if there's something specific you're looking for. Haven't made any recent purchases from her, but am hoping the new year I will!

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