Hurrah! It’s Done!!

After the previous posting, I took advantage of a few weekends where I wasn’t too busy and forced myself to finish the townhouse.

Two weekends later, I am very proud to present to you my newest property – the Johnson-Valentine’s new residence.

Mind you, it’s still in its final stages. For example, because I made the wallpaper myself (one of the downsides of trying to have a modern miniature collection — the mainstream manufacturers are mostly producing period pieces *sigh*), some of the edges didn’t evenly meet up with the ceiling. So will have to cover these mistakes with trim.

Also, this project is perhaps the priciest I’ve done so far. For example, the Campbells and the Tremaine residences (<– I need to post this house’s pictures), I used paper flooring and just ordinary strips of wood as trim. For the townhouse, I used for the first time actual wood flooring and 1:12 scale trim. They were definitely a PAIN IN THE ASS to work with (still sweeping up sawdust on my floors). But the price was worth it.

I posted the remaining photos at my Photobucket account — you can check them at this gallery.

But suffice to say, Trent and George were ecstatic when they saw me moving in their furniture. Hopefully you’ll be pretty pleased with it as well. Like the kids. 😛

George: So what do you two think? You like your new house?

Ethan and Emily: YES!!!

Trent: Good! Dad and I like the new place too. And now we’ll be near everyone we know, like your babysitter and Auntie Alicia and Uncle Marcus!

Emily: YAY! Are Auntie and Uncle coming over?

George: Not today, but maybe later. Right now, we need to unpack our stuff and get settled ok? Unless there’s something you two have in mind…?

Ethan: [quietly approaches Trent] Dad, now that we have a bigger place, can we get a dog?



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