Screw My Bills — These Babies Must Be Mine!!!




Despite the status of the nation’s economy (and how it’s hitting me hard budget-wise), the minute I see something fantastic online, I will do whatever is necessary to purchase it.

Unfortunately, I already sold my soul for a couple slices of tiramisu and my organs (and future firstborns) already belong to someone else. Think that’s right — then again, I completely lost track.

But Modern MC [bless her soul and her fan-spankin-tastic blog] posted a recent entry about a new modern miniature venture by Doris Nathanson.

Apparently, Ms. Nathanson’s venture (called Mini-Modernistas) is producing some awesome modern miniature pieces. And when I mean awesome, it’s due to two reasons:


  1. The designs are amazing. I mean, shoot, one of the sofas looks straight outta the Design Within Reach catalog. 
  2. The prices for the pieces: REASONABLE.

That’s right my friends. Modern miniatures at reasonable prices.  Meaning someone can get these and just…I dunno, maybe give up Starbucks for a month. Totally doable (then again, I don’t really drink coffee so maybe that’s a bad example…)



Case in point, take the Tootsie Roll sofa pictured here. Honestly thought it was gonna cost AT LEAST around $100 for the construction, labor and materials. Nope. According to Modern MC’s blog, the price Doris is offering for it is $38. Shoot, that’s way cheaper than the pair of good summer sandals at your local DSW.

Another one is the Case Study Bed [pictured above] — this baby’s priced at $34. I mean look at it — this kind of work for that price! Hells yeah this girl is gonna buy it.

Which I did. Modern MC provided the Mini Modernista’s email so as of June 24th, am just waiting for Doris to get back to me about the shipping cost of both these items. Am so freaking excited to receive these — thinking of putting these in Trent and George’s place since it’s right up their alley.

By doing that though, it leaves me with a new dilemma — what to do with the newly ‘displaced’ pieces?

::Insert wheels turning here. but creaking loudly due to lack of oil in gears::

The following is yes, indeed, a pimping out message:

If you’re interested in ordering (or seeing more pics of Doris’s work), you can email her at If you’re in the SoCal area, you can see her work at the Southern CA Tom Bishop Show in July and at the San Jose Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures in October. Also, she’s planning to have pictures posted this Sunday so stayed tuned.

Special thanks also goes to Modern MC and her blog: telling you, she’s the magnet for all these artisans coming out and providing miniature modern goodies for us crazy fanatics! [thank you, thank you, thank you if you’re reading this!!!]

Yes, it’s pretty shameful, but in my world, the bills can freaking wait.



2 thoughts on “Screw My Bills — These Babies Must Be Mine!!!

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