Arising from the Dead…

…realized it’s been awhile since I posted an entry. Sad to say, between the last post and now, it’s been a whirlwind of drama, stress, and frankly, just plain damn annoyance.

After much deliberation and long endless nights of number crunching, I made the decision to put my studio apartment up for sale. It was becoming too much, and with the economy the way it is, figured this is the best choice in the long run. Luckily BK, my family and friends have been supportive in my decision — which is always a plus. Plus, BK made a good argument that after being together for two years, and enjoying each other’s company — it was high time we got a place for us to live in. Along with five adorable pet rats, his growing collection of model ships, and of course, my dollhouses and miniatures.

So as of August 22nd, I officially moved from my apartment in Maryland, and moved down to Virginia. Alexandria/Old Towne Virginia to be exact. Found a large one bedroom apartment just south of Old Town and it’s within reasonable distance to our creature comforts. Of course, this now means my commute to work has jumped from 15 minutes to an hour. But it’s worth it.

As for the dolls, I have some good news and bad news:

Good News

  • The Eocháins, the Tremaines, the Campbells, and the Johnson-Valentine households managed to survive the move, and are safe and sound.
  • Their furniture and other belongings, luckily, survived. Many thanks to BK, best friends JC & MC, and others for transporting the rubbermaid containers of their things safely!
  • I got last July the miniatures that Doris Nathanson of Mini Modernista send them. I know this is a late message Doris, but – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! If you’re reading this blog, this is an official edict from me — I am ready to order beginning late October.
  • Another cool beans piece of news: Doris is also selling her stuff on eBay as well. Yes — something to look at when I’m bored and work (and furiously contemplating what to cut out of my budget).
  • Having a bigger apartment = more space to display the houses. Assuming BK and I finish unpacking the rest of our crap.

Bad News

  • The Tremaines, the Campbells, and the Johnson-Valentine families lost their homes. That’s right folks, they moved to their new area sans their houses. I had no choice but to sell the houses to help offset some of the moving costs. Avery and Isolde were luckily understanding, as well as Marcus, Alicia, and George. But Trent’s understandly upset with me since he put some much thought in how their townhouse was to look.
  • The Eocháins still do not have a home either.
  • Everyone — and their stuff — are still in the rubbermaid containers, currently stashed in the new coat closet. I would have put them in the bedroom, but BK was getting tired of tripping over boxes and containers whenever we had to get up from bed.

Despite the loss of homes, there’s an upshot to all of this (as of last Saturday, that is)

  • I found  an assembled  Dixville dollhouse at a local thrift shop in MD. Though it’s fully assembled, it’s missing some partitions. Luckily, the folks at Earth and Tree Miniatures were willing to sell me partitions. Planning to convert this into the townhouses seen in Old Towne for Avery, Isolde, and Selene. Update: Decided to let go of this house and was able to sell it to a super nice lady and miniature fan from Stafford, VA. Thank you Judy!
  • Depending on how I convert the above dollhouse, planning to purchase another Dixville to make into another townhouse. Which means new dollhouse = new dolls (hope Sandy doesn’t mind me putting new orders…)
  • I received the Tamarack Dollhouse kit from Real Good Toys as a housewarming gift/eBay victory to myself. Decided to assign this to the Campbells since it’s similar to the houses I see in the neighborhoods near my new place.
  • [As for 10/1/2009] Found on Craigslist a colonial dollhouse kit from Duracraft that’s on sale for $25. Definitely using that for the Johnson-Valentine household. Will post pics once I pick it up.
    Update: Picked up the kit and tried to assemble it. The kit was old, and the parts were not in great condition. With great reluctance, I simply dissembled it and put the parts up for recycling. 😦

That’s basically it. Not sure if anyone’s following my blog, but for those I know who do, thanks for your patience!

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