The New Neighborhood….

Given that my last post reported the status of the homes, I knew I had to start getting everyone’s homes set up. At least before the year ended. Besides, you have no idea how guilty I feel each night knowing that my dolls are spending another miserable night in their travel rubbermaid container.

So today, I pulled out the kit I won on eBay — the Tamarack Dollhouse by Real Good Toys. They released this model in 1995 and sad to say, RGT no longer produces this model. Which is too bad, since the design is very cute — reminds me of the Craftsman style houses I see in neighborhoods not far from where BK and I now live.

After reading the instructions (yes folks, I do read the manual before I start doing anything), I began constructing the first level. Thank god it was straightforward — the only time consuming part was just painting the exterior parts. Am so happy that now, Home Depot and Lowes sell the sample size of their paints — so now I can buy the colors I want for around $3.00 per 8 oz sample canister. Way cheaper than the paints sold at the miniature shops, and in more colors as well.



Once the paint dried, sanded, and repainted the parts, I started gluing the walls together before gluing it to the base. I deviated from the manual about assembling the base and decided to glue the constructed walls onto a slab of MDF board I had lying around. It was stable, and sturdy, and best of all, the surfaces were completely smooth — perfect when it’s time to install hardwood flooring (yes folks, the house will have hardwood flooring throughout).

The instructions advised that once the walls were installed to the base, I should go ahead and attach the second floor and begin assembly of the second floor walls/roof. But I might again deviated from that path, and go ahead and start wallpapering the first floor before I install the walls — just to make it easier on myself.



BK saw the progress and asked the million dollar question: who’s going to be living in the new house once it’s done? Oddly enough, I’m not sure yet. I might make it the Campbells’ new residence, but then again, I can see Avery and Isolde living here with Selene. Then again, there’s a chance that Selene might get a new sibling soon. So maybe it should go to my resident newly weds for the time being…



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