Trent and George Head to Washington


Group + Sign





My friend JC told me about the National Equality March in Washington DC that was taking place on October 10th. Naturally BK and I agreed to attend to show our support, considering this is an issue we both hold dear. For me, since my two best friends are of the LGBT community, I want to show my support and frankly, my puzzlement of why some groups are fussing about this issue.

Of course, it didn’t occur to me that Trent and George might have wanted to join in the march. After all, they’ve been together for so long, and despite their long history (and raising two kids to boot), they do find it distressing that they can’t make their partnership legal in most parts of the country. So imagine my surprise when I caught them inspecting my sign the night before the march (then again, the entire doll cast came out to show their support). And the following morning, finding them comfortably settled into my jacket pocket, ready for the trip to Washington DC.

Luckily, BK, JC (and her girlfriend AG) and MC were not only delighted to see Trent and George join in the march, but apparently other marchers as well. From the minute we got to the starting point to the march up to Capitol Hill (about 2-maybe 2.5 miles), about 20 people stopped me to take pics of Trent and George. The duo even managed to snag a sticker to put in their pocket/balcony to prove their point.

As for the march, I think it went well – plenty of supporters on the streets, a few folks expressed distaste (which was expected), but overall, I hope it generated the needed response.

So George and Trent – thanks you two for coming along. In exchange for your participation, I’ll up my search for a new house for you and the kids ok?



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