YAAAY! It’s Done — Well, the outside that is…

The last time I mentioned about my building the Tamarack kit was on October 8th. Fast forward to close to two later…and the exterior is finally complete.

Despite the lack of pictures in the directions, the build was straight forward. So long as items were carefully measured, and installed using a T-Square as a guide, the walls and roof were quickly assembled. The only part I really did not enjoy was applying the shingles on the roof. JC asked me how that went, and I told her it took 1500 pieces to complete the roof. Of that amount, about 150 pieces I had to custom cut with a blade to make it fit at the weird angles.  Sure it looks great in the end, but….shoot, my fingers and wrists are still aching!

BK was impressed when he saw the dollhouse. Though I might ask his dad (who’s a professional carpenter/contractor) for feedback. There’s gotta be a better way to make a roof look seamless (and a better method of installing them). I want to build another kit, but not sure if I’m up for another round of shingles you know?

Finally posted the pics up: what do you think?

Tamarack Dollhouse

I haven’t touched the interior yet — one of the room partitions on the second floor needs another sanding and a coat of paint before I permanently do an installation of sorts.so will see how that goes. Besides, I haven’t decided on the wall colors yet….


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