It’s Almost Done…Well, Almost

I’m very proud to report that the Tamarack dollhouse is almost done. I ordered a couple of wallpaper and flooring sheets from the Dollhouse Emporium in the UK a few weeks ago. And as of last night, Mr. US Postman arrived at my door to deliver the package. Score!!!

Didn’t waste any time after that. I practically stayed up until 3 am this morning installing the wall and floor coverings, as well as a few trims. By early Saturday morning, it was safe to start putting in the furniture.

Am pretty stoked how it turned out. Though I have to admit, I did not enjoy the varnishing and installing the paper wood floors. Not sure if it’s because the paper was relatively thin, but it bubbled and wrinkled the minute you apply glue and varnish. But in the end, managed to install and smooth it out. It looks pretty good — almost like laminate flooring from a distance.

Until I get the trims and final pieces ordered and installed, I’ll have to accept the fact that this house is….95% complete. Thank goodness!!!

If you want to see additional pictures, I started uploading them onto my Picasa account. You can view it here for more details:

The Tamarack – Updates