Apologies to All

To quote Fiona Apple from her first song “Criminal”:

“I’ve been a bad, bad girl…”

There. I admitted my guilt.

Then again, I never knew I had people following this blog until I started getting messages about when I was planning to post an entry or — god forbid — I had abandoned this blog and my projects completely.

As for the answer — guess the most accurate one would be to say “not really”. I still work on my miniature projects, but unfortunately with this economy, I had no choice but to put it in the back seat. At the moment, having a job and making sure the household is supported kinda have to take priority you know?

So again, I’m really sorry to the folks who were left wondering. As a form of appeasement, I’m breaking down what has happened since the last entry:

1) due to unforeseen circumstances (and space issues), I sold the Tamarack and my Winston dollhouse.As painful as it was (since I was pretty proud of how they turned out), I’m happy to report that they went to great homes.

2) So far, none of the dolls have an official residence yet. I got a two kits kits for Christmas, but one was so disastrous I ended up giving up the salvagable parts to another miniaturists for scrap.

3) The second of the kits I got from Item #2 — am proud to report that not only did I complete it, but furnished it to a (sort of) modern theme. True, it’s not as fantastic as Modern MC’s settings. But hopefully it will do the modern miniaturist fans proud. Will post a new entry on it after this (I promise).

4)  In late November 2009, I joined a miniature forum hosted by Greenleaf dollhouses. True, it’s not all about modern minis, but the members have been the most welcoming and helpful group I’ve come across in regards to dollhouses/miniatures. Definitely learned alot of techniques from their posts/galleries/blogs, and am eager to apply them to my projects. In fact, I added them to my list of links here — the work they do is fantastic.

5) On December 2009, a member of the Greenleaf forum was selling her Tom’s Mill Rye kit. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s an Arts & Crafts style bungalow. Been wanting one for ages, and after weeks of scrimping/saving, I finally was able to purchase it. Will try to post updates on it as I slowly get back to managing this blog.

So far that’s it. I need to start transferring entries I wrote in Word and putting them here.

Again, thanks everyone for your patience — hopefully will be back in the swing of things. 🙂


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