A Holiday Project – Completed!

The Victorian Mod Cottage's Exterior View

I mentioned in my last entry that I received two dollhouse kits as a Christmas gift (which I found later that it was designed to “keep me out of trouble”. Gee, thanks everyone). Of the two, one I had to give up and give away for scrap parts because the parts were made of die cut, thin plywood. Each piece I cut out to prep simply snapped into smaller pieces. Suffice to say, I opted to give the parts away before contemplating making a huge bonfire out of it.

Luckily, the second kit had a successful — and happy — ending. It was originally supposed to look like a quaint little “Victorian” cottage. Given that period stuff isn’t my thing, decided to try to modernize it. Granted, it’s not ultra modern like the other blogs I frequent and admire. But at least it gives the impression of someone who definitely has that taste.

What do you think? This is the first time I used this slideshow feature from Picasa (for bigger shots, just access this gallery link). I really love how the brick walls turned out. Plus, I finally had the chance to show off the pieces I had bought from Mini Modernista. I’m hoping to order more of her stuff soon. She released several new items on her eBay sell page (which always get snagged — dammit!!).

As for the artwork above the bed — they’re my new favorite band. The group’s name is Monkey Majik and they are actually made up of two brothers from Canada and two guys from Japan. Really fun songs (both in English and Japanese) — and it’s a bigger bonus that they’re pretty cute. Luckily BK’s not jealous or anything…


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