Tax Refund? What Tax Refund?

Despite the rough year that was 2009, was pretty surprised that when it came to filing my income taxes, it was bittersweet. Not because I had to file two state returns (since I moved from MD to VA mid-year) that were a pain in the @$$, but thanks to my local H&R Block office, was able to get a decent federal and state refunds. Granted, majority went to paying my credit cards. But I kept a small amount to fund the projects.

Okay, it wasn’t that SMALL — but stretching $200 to cover more than one house? Talk about a challenge!

At the moment, am grappling four projects:

a)  The Rye dollhouse — after having it shipped to my place from a fellow Greenleaf forum member, I actually started working on it as early as January 2010. But the process was slow — there were WAY more parts than I thought, and often had to prep the pieces before I can begin the assembly process. Was able to use parts of the tax refund to purchase components and a few materials to begin the construction. Will post pictures as I progress with the project.

b) The Loganberry Mill — This was one of those “impluse” purchases I made with the refund. I mean, come on, $15 for a kit? Score!

I read glowing reviews about this cottage and wanted to try it out. Surprisingly, the reviews were right — construction has been straighforward (alot of the parts I custom cut since I wanted to do a Spanish-style cottage). At the moment, just waiting on alot of the parts to arrive. Bought some windows from France and wallpaper from a UK based miniature shop, so I’ll have to go on hold until those arrive (sniff, sniff).

c) The RGT Tudor House — this was the second “impulse” purchase (bought the kit for $70). The house is very cute, and if all goes plan, will be my first dollhouse that is made entirely out of plywood (compared to MDF which is cheaper but heavier).

I wasn’t too crazy about the original design. It’s cute and all, but almost gear towards being a child’s plaything. Since I live in Old Town here in Alexandria, VA, am surrounded by lots of cute rowhouses. So am thinking I’ll try to make it look like a row house for one of my dolls.

d) The Duracraft Farmhouse — funny thing is, I got this in early February (just before the Washington DC area got hit with the snowstorm) via Craigslist. The lady who sold it to me
bought it as a birthday present for her daughter but the kid lost interest. Was pretty stoked that I got it for a mere $50 — this is usually a kit that’s hard to come by, and I’m proud to report that it’s mine, all mine! (insert maniacal laugh here).

Of course, didn’t realize how heavy it was until the day of pickup. I had to struggle a bit to bring it inside the apartment — much to BK’s surprise/amusement. He’s been lamenting how our dining room is not longer accessible thanks to my kits/projects. Don’t know why he’s fussing to be honest with you — it’s not like we eat in the dining room anyways. 😛

Sadly, I cannot open this until the other projects are done. Though I cheated and used the wood planks that came with the farmhouse and use them in the Rye dollhouse. 😛

On top of this, also went through a flurry of online ordering — more wallpaper, more windows, doors, woodwork. So you can imagine how quickly the $200 disappeared in my hands.

Now I’m hoping this will keep me busy and keep my dolls happy.


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