A Surprise for the Eyes — and My Heart

Have no idea if anyone is following this blog to be honest with you….

For those of you who do, you recall how I have a pair of dolls that are suppose to represent BK and I. That is, if we had gotten married and raised a family of our own.

I remember how almost two years ago, he surprised me with these dolls as a way to encourage me in continuing this hobby. Still recalled the look on BK's face when I was so adamant about being careful when handling them, and how eventually, I added Aidan and Maddie and the dogs to complete the family. He'd simply laugh and tell me I'm just being silly.

But sometimes, I'd catch him carefully moving the dolls around — maybe set the kids to play with the dogs while Bryan and Daphne sat on a couch keeping watch while holding hands.

But then again, they are only dolls — just something to personify what I hope to achieve later in life. And perhaps, these hopes will simply just live in my dreams and in my private thoughts.

So who knew that on a warm Friday evening in June, BK would prove me wrong.

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A Wish List

After a rough day at the office yesterday, was very happy to come home and be greeted with the following:

  1. Six girl rats who went bonkers in their cage the minute I opened the door — they were extremely happy to see me. Probably because they wanted treats and playtime.
  2. Finding a package on my front door from Manor House Miniatures.

Granted, I enjoyed the amount of love and attention my girls gave. But I had almost forgotten that I placed an order with Manor House for one of the Reac chairs they were selling.

To any modern mini collector, the Reac chairs are a MUST have. Basically, they're 1:12 scale version of famous designer upholstery you see in those high end home magazine. Something you might see in a trendy loft in Manhattan, or something.

Since there's no way in God's green earth I will be able to afford those (if I did, BK would surely kill me if he found out), I am happy to make do with having them in a smaller scale.

In terms of what I got, I bought the last two Jacobson Egg Chairs that Manor House sold. Was worried if I didn't snag them soon, I'd have to deal with a bidding war in eBay for these beauties (see photo above). It's super cute, and am really eager to have it in a future permanent home for my dolls.

Of course, now that I have two of the Egg Chairs, it just simply means I have to acquire more. In fact, have a wish list of what I'd like to collect next….whenever funds are available. XD

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Some Realizations

Ever since I moved to this current apartment with BK, noticed that each dollhouse I have built, decorated and even furnished, ends up going out the door. None of them stay at home with me, and I never once wondered why. Can't tell if it's because my workroom (aka the dining room) is so small that I'm practically cranking the houses out just so I can regain my space (if you all saw my workroom, you'd probably laugh). Or perhaps, while I've gotten great feedback on the completed houses….I just wasn't satisfied with the work.

It finally occurred to me during my morning ride to work. Right there, sitting on the Red Line en route to Silver Spring…the reasoning for why none of my houses stayed with me.

I just like building them.

I like the look of surprise and pleasure on people's faces when they come to the apartment to pick up the dollhouse…or when I open my trunk and gently pull it out like it's some rare treasure.

Maybe it's cheesy, but…I do enjoy knowing that maybe I brought some happiness in folks. Be it a child or an adult.

My best friends MC and JC, even BK and my family encouraged me to maybe look at my hobby as a possible side job…something to do once I leave my office for the day. Build the houses, maybe sell some on eBay, maybe build them for charities to use for fund raising. It sounds like a good idea, but a scary one at best. But then again, the only way to know is to try it out…

Guess it's good to know now. Perhaps I'll find THE HOUSE(S) for my dolls. Hopefully that's soon, because I can tell my ladies are not thrilled living in a rubbermaid box at the moment…

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Beware My Wallet! Beware

With the Rye now completed and waiting on a few kits I won on eBay for cheap to arrive at my door step (before BK comes back from his three week long sojourn in Germany and New England. That boy owes me BIG!!), I was cruising eBay just to see what’s available in the realm of my growing obsession.

The Emerson by Brinca Dada (*swoon!*)

And wouldn’t you know it — someone is selling this baby! Check out the slideshow for the pics.

It’s the Emerson House by Brinca Dada. Keep in mind folks, this masterpiece — this ass spankin’, BEAUTIFUL design of a modern home — is designed for parents to buy for their little kids. I don’t know about you all, but the thought of a toddler wrecking havoc on a beauty like this sends a chill down my spine. Or a massive heartburn.

I was thinking “are you serious???”. There’s no way I’d buy this $$$ piece of art for little Molly or Timmy to eventually smear with crayola and what not. Granted, it’s a bias and unfair opinion, but still — this house is just begging to be displayed with pride. Like a guy showing off his brand new Porsche (and a hot model of a mistress) to hide his mid-life crisis.

But seriously folks, check out the Brinda Dada site. Not only are they offering the house, but it looks like they’re planning to release some fabulous furniture and even dolls. Loving the very mid-century/Eames style and the dolls look so awesome! Wonder how my dolls would react to have these folks move into the neighborhood….

A vendor on eBay is selling this house for almost $320 (plus a $90 shipping charge). ARGH HURRY UP PAYDAY!!!!

Hate to say this, but I’m seriously tempted. Of course, I’m not sure how BK is going to handle seeing this in the living room (or why there are no groceries in the kitchen fridge and pantry). But then again, the man does owe me big after all the stuff I’ve had to manage while he’s away. He can whine and dine me all he wants, but if a girl’s got an obsession, it needs to be sated. 😀

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Almost There! So Close…Can Almost…Taste…the Victory!!

Okay, maybe the above title was a bit much. But people, this is perhaps the longest I’ve ever spent on building a dollhouse.

Remember the March 2010 entry I wrote? One of the houses I was working on was the Rye, which is a Craftsman style bungalow from Tom’s Mill. I bought it from a fellow member at the Greenleaf Miniature Forum (if you’re into building dollhouses and such, this place is a fantastic resource) and have been working on it since January 2010.

You’re probably thinking “Dude, it’s already June. That’s six months — why the hold up?”. Will admit, it’s a valid question. Most of the houses I’ve built took about one, maybe two months, max to complete. For the Rye, it was combination of snags both from the house and from my real-life. If it wasn’t due to projects at the office, it was Snowmageddon that hit the DC area. If not that, it was from my selling my studio in Maryland, etc. Basically it was one type of drama or crap after another, and the poor Rye kept getting the backseat each time.

I’m not saying that the Rye was a breeze to build. Oh no my friends — if you’ve been building dollhouses, this is perhaps a walk in the park. But I work kinda slow, and so annoyingly OCD and anal that it was longer for me. Maybe it’s the pseudo-engineer in me that wants everything to be perfectly square, calibrated, and even. Man, gonna feel bad when the time comes for BK and I to buy a real house (going to be so nit-picky). Plus, the Rye kit did not come with the doors, windows, or anything. So often I had to stop the project because I had to order the components or wait for them to go on sale if I had to buy in bulk.

From The Rye Bungalow by Tom’s Mill – June 2010

Luckily, I had the main house built by the beginning of March so when I resumed the project in late April (when my studio was officially sold), it was really more about finishing the interior. Which suits me fine — at this point, my brain was on the verge of oozing out every interior idea I could come up with. BK was pretty relieved to see me working furiously on the house — with all the drama and stress done and over with, I needed every distraction I could muster. 🙂

But enough rambling — show me the dollhouse porn!!!

Granted, the house isn’t fully furnished. It’s mostly because there are few more details that need to be finished (like the living room’s trimwork), and I haven’t figured out where to put the house in the apartment. I know you can’t see it, but people, this house is HUGE.

Update: completed the final details as of June 6th (WOOHOO!!). Even better news is that I found a new owner for the Rye. Will be delivering it on Monday the 14th in Maryland to be brought into its forever home. Pretty stoked about it. 🙂