Almost There! So Close…Can Almost…Taste…the Victory!!

Okay, maybe the above title was a bit much. But people, this is perhaps the longest I’ve ever spent on building a dollhouse.

Remember the March 2010 entry I wrote? One of the houses I was working on was the Rye, which is a Craftsman style bungalow from Tom’s Mill. I bought it from a fellow member at the Greenleaf Miniature Forum (if you’re into building dollhouses and such, this place is a fantastic resource) and have been working on it since January 2010.

You’re probably thinking “Dude, it’s already June. That’s six months — why the hold up?”. Will admit, it’s a valid question. Most of the houses I’ve built took about one, maybe two months, max to complete. For the Rye, it was combination of snags both from the house and from my real-life. If it wasn’t due to projects at the office, it was Snowmageddon that hit the DC area. If not that, it was from my selling my studio in Maryland, etc. Basically it was one type of drama or crap after another, and the poor Rye kept getting the backseat each time.

I’m not saying that the Rye was a breeze to build. Oh no my friends — if you’ve been building dollhouses, this is perhaps a walk in the park. But I work kinda slow, and so annoyingly OCD and anal that it was longer for me. Maybe it’s the pseudo-engineer in me that wants everything to be perfectly square, calibrated, and even. Man, gonna feel bad when the time comes for BK and I to buy a real house (going to be so nit-picky). Plus, the Rye kit did not come with the doors, windows, or anything. So often I had to stop the project because I had to order the components or wait for them to go on sale if I had to buy in bulk.

From The Rye Bungalow by Tom’s Mill – June 2010

Luckily, I had the main house built by the beginning of March so when I resumed the project in late April (when my studio was officially sold), it was really more about finishing the interior. Which suits me fine — at this point, my brain was on the verge of oozing out every interior idea I could come up with. BK was pretty relieved to see me working furiously on the house — with all the drama and stress done and over with, I needed every distraction I could muster. πŸ™‚

But enough rambling — show me the dollhouse porn!!!

Granted, the house isn’t fully furnished. It’s mostly because there are few more details that need to be finished (like the living room’s trimwork), and I haven’t figured out where to put the house in the apartment. I know you can’t see it, but people, this house is HUGE.

Update: completed the final details as of June 6th (WOOHOO!!). Even better news is that I found a new owner for the Rye. Will be delivering it on Monday the 14th in Maryland to be brought into its forever home. Pretty stoked about it. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Almost There! So Close…Can Almost…Taste…the Victory!!

  1. My husband just bought me the Beach Folly house (Rye house’s little brother kit) as an anniversary present and I can’t find any pictures of a finished interior anywhere. Would you by any chance have even one or two?

    • I know Earth & Tree has an image of the Beach Folly’s interior on their site. I think it’s this one.

      Hopefully this helps! I’ll continue to dig through my drives if I have other photos of my kit before I sold it (wow, felt so long ago when I had this house….). *feeling nostalgic*

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