Beware My Wallet! Beware

With the Rye now completed and waiting on a few kits I won on eBay for cheap to arrive at my door step (before BK comes back from his three week long sojourn in Germany and New England. That boy owes me BIG!!), I was cruising eBay just to see what’s available in the realm of my growing obsession.

The Emerson by Brinca Dada (*swoon!*)

And wouldn’t you know it — someone is selling this baby! Check out the slideshow for the pics.

It’s the Emerson House by Brinca Dada. Keep in mind folks, this masterpiece — this ass spankin’, BEAUTIFUL design of a modern home — is designed for parents to buy for their little kids. I don’t know about you all, but the thought of a toddler wrecking havoc on a beauty like this sends a chill down my spine. Or a massive heartburn.

I was thinking “are you serious???”. There’s no way I’d buy this $$$ piece of art for little Molly or Timmy to eventually smear with crayola and what not. Granted, it’s a bias and unfair opinion, but still — this house is just begging to be displayed with pride. Like a guy showing off his brand new Porsche (and a hot model of a mistress) to hide his mid-life crisis.

But seriously folks, check out the Brinda Dada site. Not only are they offering the house, but it looks like they’re planning to release some fabulous furniture and even dolls. Loving the very mid-century/Eames style and the dolls look so awesome! Wonder how my dolls would react to have these folks move into the neighborhood….

A vendor on eBay is selling this house for almost $320 (plus a $90 shipping charge). ARGH HURRY UP PAYDAY!!!!

Hate to say this, but I’m seriously tempted. Of course, I’m not sure how BK is going to handle seeing this in the living room (or why there are no groceries in the kitchen fridge and pantry). But then again, the man does owe me big after all the stuff I’ve had to manage while he’s away. He can whine and dine me all he wants, but if a girl’s got an obsession, it needs to be sated. 😀

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