Some Realizations

Ever since I moved to this current apartment with BK, noticed that each dollhouse I have built, decorated and even furnished, ends up going out the door. None of them stay at home with me, and I never once wondered why. Can't tell if it's because my workroom (aka the dining room) is so small that I'm practically cranking the houses out just so I can regain my space (if you all saw my workroom, you'd probably laugh). Or perhaps, while I've gotten great feedback on the completed houses….I just wasn't satisfied with the work.

It finally occurred to me during my morning ride to work. Right there, sitting on the Red Line en route to Silver Spring…the reasoning for why none of my houses stayed with me.

I just like building them.

I like the look of surprise and pleasure on people's faces when they come to the apartment to pick up the dollhouse…or when I open my trunk and gently pull it out like it's some rare treasure.

Maybe it's cheesy, but…I do enjoy knowing that maybe I brought some happiness in folks. Be it a child or an adult.

My best friends MC and JC, even BK and my family encouraged me to maybe look at my hobby as a possible side job…something to do once I leave my office for the day. Build the houses, maybe sell some on eBay, maybe build them for charities to use for fund raising. It sounds like a good idea, but a scary one at best. But then again, the only way to know is to try it out…

Guess it's good to know now. Perhaps I'll find THE HOUSE(S) for my dolls. Hopefully that's soon, because I can tell my ladies are not thrilled living in a rubbermaid box at the moment…

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