A Wish List

After a rough day at the office yesterday, was very happy to come home and be greeted with the following:

  1. Six girl rats who went bonkers in their cage the minute I opened the door — they were extremely happy to see me. Probably because they wanted treats and playtime.
  2. Finding a package on my front door from Manor House Miniatures.

Granted, I enjoyed the amount of love and attention my girls gave. But I had almost forgotten that I placed an order with Manor House for one of the Reac chairs they were selling.

To any modern mini collector, the Reac chairs are a MUST have. Basically, they're 1:12 scale version of famous designer upholstery you see in those high end home magazine. Something you might see in a trendy loft in Manhattan, or something.

Since there's no way in God's green earth I will be able to afford those (if I did, BK would surely kill me if he found out), I am happy to make do with having them in a smaller scale.

In terms of what I got, I bought the last two Jacobson Egg Chairs that Manor House sold. Was worried if I didn't snag them soon, I'd have to deal with a bidding war in eBay for these beauties (see photo above). It's super cute, and am really eager to have it in a future permanent home for my dolls.

Of course, now that I have two of the Egg Chairs, it just simply means I have to acquire more. In fact, have a wish list of what I'd like to collect next….whenever funds are available. XD

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