A Surprise for the Eyes — and My Heart

Have no idea if anyone is following this blog to be honest with you….

For those of you who do, you recall how I have a pair of dolls that are suppose to represent BK and I. That is, if we had gotten married and raised a family of our own.

I remember how almost two years ago, he surprised me with these dolls as a way to encourage me in continuing this hobby. Still recalled the look on BK's face when I was so adamant about being careful when handling them, and how eventually, I added Aidan and Maddie and the dogs to complete the family. He'd simply laugh and tell me I'm just being silly.

But sometimes, I'd catch him carefully moving the dolls around — maybe set the kids to play with the dogs while Bryan and Daphne sat on a couch keeping watch while holding hands.

But then again, they are only dolls — just something to personify what I hope to achieve later in life. And perhaps, these hopes will simply just live in my dreams and in my private thoughts.

So who knew that on a warm Friday evening in June, BK would prove me wrong.

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