Strange Men in Pinstripes Award: My Nominations

Since Brae nominated me in this, I can’t add her in my nominations (darn it!!!).

But in compliance to the Strange Men award, here are my nominations.

  1. Lorelei — Just because she’s my sister doesn’t mean I’m showing nepotism here! But seriously, when I think of strange but in a cool, funny, and sarcastic way, I think of her. Also, whenever she gets to her blog, can’t help but feel envious of her writing style. Plus, who else can make a cute baby Elvis costume for Halloween, or make a mean pot of arroz caldo that even my soon to be husband swears over?
  2. Mike C. of Guy Friday — Mike C is one of my two best friends in the whole wide world. Not only is he my partner-in-crime in all things in life (run-ins with exes? bad fashion sightings? need to rant and rave about life in general?), but he embraces the strange and off-beat the way a thong hugs JLo’s famous butt. Plus, he shares my love for anime, comics, and our mission to satirize all things using fashion dolls. On top of that, he has a pretty spankin’ Jem doll collection!
  3. Mini Modern — This blog is what inspired me to delved into the delicious world of modern miniatures. Her entries, her photos of her minis – utterly to die for. I always go here for inspiration – would love for my collection to grow into something like hers!
  4. Call of the Small
    I came across Chris’ blog when I saw her renovating a Citadel dollhouse. Love how she sets up her pieces – and what she does when renovating her vintage homes. Plus, she got this gorgeous A Frame dollhouse that I love love love!!!
  5. Dave of Why I Hate DC — I live in the Washington DC Metro area, and while there are many things that I love of my home turf, there’s an equal amount of things that go the opposite spectrum. Of course, I’m passive aggressive enough that I don’t write (too) much about it. So it’s nice to know that a local is willing to say for us locals instead. At least Dave makes it super ass funny how he talks about the idiosyncrasies and just the plain nonsense that plague my turf.
  6. Heather of Record of Woes — I actually know Heather personally via two ways — one, she’s my best friend Mike C’s closest friends. Second, she and I were in the same homeroom in high school. While she talks about the craziness and insanity known as her life, I am proud to nominate her strangeness because like me, she has a love for pets — especially ferrets (I used to have one, and I loved every moment of it). Plus, she makes killer drinks!

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