ARGH!!! So Damn Close!

I lusted after you, you beautiful work of art. Those sleek lines, the timeless design. And it doesn’t help you look so adorable.

No folks, I am not lusting after another human being. That is properly reserved for my soon to be husband. Who is currently giving me the weirdest look ever from the couch as I write this entry.

In fact, the object of my (fleeting) desire was this wooden dollhouse kit that was on eBay until late last night. Never heard of the manufacturer (Whitman), but the kit was for a lovely A-Frame style house made of plywood. Besides being made of wood (especially when most commercial dollhouses are made of heavy MDF these days), the best part was that when built, the house is 1:12th scale. Which is perfect to house perhaps one of my dolls, or my bursting collection of modern minis.

But alas, it was not meant to be. I put a bid on the kit, and because the time the bidding was to end was WAY PAST MY BEDTIME (BK and I try to leave for work before 6 am), I just put my max cap and went to bed, thinking (smugly) that this baby was in the bag.

Little did I know when I woke up in the morning, that I was outbid. By fifty cents.

Guess it’s ultimately my fault. If I really desired you, you beautiful A-Frame house, I’d forgo being a cheap ass bastard and threw a higher max bid.

Hopefully, whoever won the kit, will give it the same love and attention as I was planning to bestow.


5 thoughts on “ARGH!!! So Damn Close!

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  3. Not bidding I have 6 a frames 990 Fiosher price is my hobby-redo an renew an have cavin chalet an another a frame I dont do kits but this looks like a nice one Carole Thats Fisher Price amd cabin chalet excuse spelling

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