Guess There’s a First in Everything

Considering it’s been awhile since I built a dollhouse and completed it (the last one being the Rye, which was sold), still scratching my head in terms of what prompted me to go back. Granted, I got a wedding to prepare and things happening in real life (RL). But for some reason, when I saw this kit on eBay…I just had to have it.

The Winston Dollhouse II

The Roombox House

Maybe it was the memories of building a similar house (which I ended up selling)? Or that I needed an escape from the wedding plans? BK thinks it’s something much more simple than that — that subconsciously, I was missing my obsession. Apparently alot.

Without much ado, I am proud to present to you folks….my first build that for the first time in 2010 — I AM ACTUALLY KEEPING.

In terms of which of my dolls will be living here, some of my friends thought Ronan would be the one since the last time I built this same house, he was the occupant. But part of me felt that he needed someplace bigger, so I assigned it to a soon to be arriving addition to my dolls. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Guess There’s a First in Everything

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