A Loophole? Why Yes Please!

Encouraged by the last build, decided to tackle on another mini project in between things going on in RL (you know, work, bills, finding a damn wedding minister, etc).  But in order to not make myself (anymore) crazy, I had to agree with the following rules  BK imposed.

1) Between now and the wedding, I am only allowed to have 4 kits in the apartment due to space constraints.

2) I can purchase more minis, only if I use up what I currently have (this provision, folks, sucks dirty ass).

3) In regards to Item 1 — I must choose my kits carefully because the ones that I pick are the ones that I am allowed to keep.

Dunno about you folks, but Items 1 & 3 are the toughest.  It doesn’t help that there are so many kits out there that I’d LOVE to have and build. An equally sucky factor on top of that is that for all the miniaturists and dollhouse fans out there, October is National Dollhouse and Miniature Month. Yes, folks, this does exists, and this doesn’t help all of us who are now barraged with emails from online mini vendors about sales and what not.  I’m telling you all, this is evil, evil, evil!!!

But rather than go to a corner and cry myself to a stupor, decided that like all rules, some are made to be bent. Just a little bit. Besides, BK knows better than to not interfere with a girl and her obsession. Especially since he was crazy enough to want to marry one.

Then it hit me — he only said I could keep 4 kits. But he never specified about limiting room boxes. They’re not really houses, and they usually come already assembled. So maybe — MAYBE — that might be my loophole.

Suffice to say, I went on a mad quest to look for room  boxes that weren’t so expensive. Almost passed out at how much vendors online were selling them. If it wasn’t the price of the boxes that sucked, it was shipping it that was worst. 😦

Luckily I found a seller on eBay that was selling handmade room boxes. I won one room box, and out of curiousity, checked to see if this same person was selling them on Etsy. Was pretty stoked to find out that he did — and promptly ordered two more.

At the moment, Jeff & Vernon (the two very talented gentlemen who make these boxes) are selling two kinds — one is a standard box that they installed legs, a sliding plexiglass door (to keep the dust out), and two window openings. The other one is a bit different in that it does have the legs, but instead, has a roof installed on top. The size of both are pretty good — it’s definitely big enough to be a cozy room for my dolls.  Plus, the prices and shipping rate are super reasonable — always a big plus for me. Granted, it takes a bit of time since they make the items to order. Again, that’s not a problem for me — bottom line, I’m more than happy to support artisans by buying directly from them whenever possible.

So I ordered the boxes, and after accosting the UPS driver (he’s probably wondering why he’s delivering packages to the apartment almost every day), the three arrived. Vernon & Jeff, if you both are reading this — you both scored a customer from me. Looking forward to start working on this!

…and hopefully BK won’t kill me after he sees the mess I’ve made in the dining room….

3 thoughts on “A Loophole? Why Yes Please!

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    • Hi Ann,

      Well, BK did see this entry and he did see the mess in the dining room. He just simply laughed and said “it’s good to see you in work mode again.” Guess that’s a start. 🙂

      Yes, am really loving the roomboxes. The guys who make it are cabinet makers by trade and told me they accept custom orders…part of me is seriously debating about asking if they can do a commission job…maybe roomboxes to simulate those POD houses?

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