A Surprise for Ronan

After receiving the room boxes from Vernon & Jeff’s workshop (thank you both! And yes, this is a very shameful PSA on my end. But this is my blog, and I can do what I damn well want!), I began the fun and messy process of digging through my current inventory of mini goodness.

The “Bin” (as BK dryly calls it) is really our apartment’s coat closet. The original agreement was that I got to use the shelf above where we hang our coats and seasonal clothes. But when I began to include kits to the collection, BK grudgingly agreed to let me use the closet floor to store the boxes — so long as they’re on my side. Which is fine, since I don’t have a crazy amount of long coats in my wardrobe *cough, BK does, cough*

After pulling out what I needed,  I dumped them into boxes in my dining room/workroom and started working on the room boxes.

Sorry that I didn’t take pictures during the process — most of the time, if I wasn’t sanding the boxes, I either cutting paper or wood pieces, or rushing to the kitchen to wash the glue . By the time I was done, I realized that

a) I was basically building a house, rather than  three separate rooms.

b) the more I built, the more I realized it was really aimed for one of my dolls…

To be honest, I’m still stumped how Part B came about. I really wasn’t aiming to have all the boxes occupied by one single doll. Maybe my mind thought I didn’t resolve the issue I had the Winston built.

Since I believed my dolls have a mind of their own (sometimes), I took out Ronan and set him in one the boxes. Oddly enough, he looked comfy in it. Guess this new house is his.

So figured that’s a surprise enough for my Widower doll. Didn’t realize that the following day, I’d get a package from a distand friend of mine …containing another doll and a note.

The following is what she wrote (thanks Phim!):

“…you keep saying no one follows your blog. This is to prove that you got someone following it – LOL!

Think it’s cute you gave so many personalities [sic] for your dolls, but I felt so sad that you had one who is a widower. D, that’s not right at all! He’s too handsome to be alone!

You’re wondering about the doll right? Well, I saw her in a gift shop near my apartment. Her red hair caught my eye and it reminded me how one of your entries mentioned your widower having a daughter with red hair. Thought “why not”? Besides, I forgot your birthday yet again this year. LOL.

So, enjoy — and let me know how the intros turn out! If it’s a match, then you can’t him a widower anymore!”

The Roombox House

Well, Phim, think the photo above clearly showed how successful the intros are. And yes, Ronan is officially not a widower anymore. Let alone homeless.

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