All the Single Ladies

My three single ladies

My three single ladies From left to right: Theresa, Pia, Anya

Yeah, yeah, it’s been awhile since my last post (egads, close to a month ago!). Sorry about that folks, but after my last entry, things have been just plain nutty in the real world. If it’s not my job, it’s something occurring at home. Or the wedding. Or — still not sure how the hell this happened — the new conundrum of whether BK and I should look into buying a home (and scrapping the wedding plans altogether). Or having a crisis of faith and debating about changing the location of the wedding celebration (assuming we decide to screw buying a home).

Add to the mix the fact my desktop decided to die on me for real. Now I’m borrowing BK’s laptop at home until my lovely new — and hopefully more robust — desktop tower arrives from HP. And go through the lovely installation process of all my programs. Good times…

But enough of the bitchy rant — show me the minis!!!

I actually got these dolls awhile back — they are actually creations by Theresa Hutnik and was impressed by the designs. Course, the challenge I had was choosing which of her ladies I wanted to buy! Ended up settling for the middle and right most doll in the photo, submitting my payment via PayPal, and soon, was sitting waiting for the Postal Lady to show up with my packages (BK and I owe her a nice holiday gift for all the times she had to lug packages to our mailbox every day)!

When I got the box, I was a little confused at its size — I only ordered two dolls (the middle and right one in the photo), so the package should have been a relatively small one.  Little did I know that my passenger had guests. Along with the gals on the right — the another doll was wrapped beside them.

Got a little worried so I contacted Ms. Hutnik  to offer to pay for the third doll. Much to my surprise, she replied that the Doll #3 was a thank you gift!  Had to say, I sat at my computer for a good hour just blinking and making sure I read her email correctly. Did I hit the good karma jackpot or something?

After thanking Mr. Hutnik, I decided to name the doll. Hopefully she won’t mind. 🙂

Update: October 5, 2011 — I checked Ms. Hutnik’s Etsy shop and saw that she has two more dolls left. If you’re looking for a lovely lady (or two) to model your miniature world, totally recommend snapping them up. They look beautiful in the photos, but they’re even more gorgeous when you see them in person.

Modern Minis in the News!

As always, Doris Nathason of Mini Modernista was gracious to send out to her fans a news article about her recent exhibition of her modern minis on the SF Gate. It’s pretty impressive — she and the “major players” in the miniature field (like PRD Miniatures for example) gave excellent viewpoints about the modern mini field.

I really hope in time, the modern genre will gain more of a niche in the dollhouse field. There’s nothing wrong with period stuff, mind you. But it really sucks going to a miniature shop and seeing mostly Victorian stuff. And worse, the mainstream manufacturer’s rendition of “modern” looks straight from the 80s. I want “Mad Men” esque stuff — not Duran Duran.

Am really really happy to see the mini hobby getting coverage — I just hope the popularity doesn’t cause the prices to go up further (please, please don’t do that — I wanna stay a fan, but I don’t wanna be broke too!).

Oh You Sexy, Sexy Beast You!

Oh yeah! Work it baby! Work it!

My last entry prior to Thanksgiving mentioned my giving in to my (mini) desires and ordering Ann’s droolworthy bookcase in her Etsy store.  Yeah, I know I’m doing some shameless pimping/product placement here. But again, it’s my blog and I really do like to shine the limelight on folks who simply encourage us fans to love our modern mini hobby even more. 😀

Will confess though — I ordered this from Ann on Nov 18th and actually got the package on the 22nd (Ann, that was some *#$@ fast shipping). Talk about perfect timing — the work week was already looking crappy, and this definitely lightened my mood.

If you read her entry about this bookcase, Ann created a mold of her original wooden version and created copies using resin. Can definitely sympathize about the whole process of sanding each copy down — I was running my fingers through the surfaces and folks, it’s as smooth as butter.

Had to wait to take pics later because the next evening I got a couple of packages that I won on eBay. One was this black porcelain doll that needed repair (her neck was wobby) and bought some vintage Pippa doll clothes from the UK.

A brief background on Pippa dolls — they’re these 6.5″ fashion dolls that were popular in the UK during the 1960s/70s. The US had their own version of these dolls called “Dawn” dolls as well. But personally, think the Pippa line had better 60s mod fashions which I adore. So whenever possible, I try to bid on lots on both eBay and eBay UK on these clothes — figured it’s better than trying to stitch something passable to fit my growing collection of miniature dolls. Dolls that need homes asap *slaps hand to forehead*

My Bohemian beauty with her new bookcase

So after fixing the doll (ended up just gluing her neck in place), I had to stich the clothing a bit to accommodate her (she was 1″ shorter so the pants were way too long). Loved how it turned out — she reminds me of those fashionable Bohemians I’d imagine hitting Soho. Now I just need to string up some beads and make a chunky necklace and she’s all set.

BK saw the finished product and asked me if I have given her a name. Had to think long and hard, then the name Simone popped to mind. It seemed to fit her don’t you think?

Even better was when I posed Simone next to the bookcase — and realized that they belong to a set I’m planning to work on in (hopefully) the next few weeks.

Bookcase/Room Divider by Ann N of Amazing Miniatures. “Simone” was an Ebay find (yeeeaaaahhhh!!!) . Blue/yellow jumpsuit is a Pippa Doll vintage outfit won on eBay UK.

A Happy Thanksgiving to All

Nothing mini related here — but am hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday today.  May the family gatherings be memorable, may the thanks be neverending, and of course — may tonight’s repast be the stuff of legends! 😀

My family and I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving the way most families in America do (we don’t do Turkey and stuff). I was worried about this, but my mom also used this quote.

“Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

Of course, it took me awhile to figure out that it was Teddy R who said that….

Something to Add in the “Lust List”

All I can say is "Yum!" (photo courtesy of Ann N. from Amazing Miniatures)

Took a break from work and decided to check out new postings in my list of favorite mini blogs. One of the ones I’ve started following is Ann’s Amazing Miniatures blog. The blog title’s so appropriate imho — Ann created some pretty impressive modern minis. And best part? She also runs a shop on Etsy selling her all-too-delicious creations.

The one that I’ve loved the most was her modern bookcase. Had to re-read the entries a couple of times to see how she constructed it. Honestly, the process sounds straightforward. But there is one thing Ann has that I don’t exactly have — and that’s patience. The more I read how she built the bookcase, the more I kept thinking “no way in *#@^&#@ hell do I have THAT KIND of patience!” Which is bizzare, given that I have no problem building a house the minute I get the kit. And that’s probably more complicated than this.

So unless I actually forced myself to make one, would have to make do of reading Ann’s blog and think what a lucky gal she is to own such a masterpiece.

So imagine my reaction when I checked out her blog — and discovered two surprises.

  1. Ann learned how to clone the bookcase using resin = meaning now she can make reproductions of her gorgeous bookcase! And sell it on Etsy! (insert choirs of angels singing hymns here. Seriously)
  2. To celebrate (and to start a stampede of rabid fans), Amazing Miniatures is doing a giveaway of one of these babies.

That’s right folks — a giveaway. In fact, Ann made it super easy to participate via two routes. The first is checking out her Facebook page and hitting the “like” button. The second route is posting a comment in her blog. Either route will automatically enter you into the giveaway.

Of course, you gotta haul ass if you wanna secure a chance to win. Last day to participate is Nov 19th,and frankly folks, that’s coming soon. ‘Fore you know it, it’s Turkey Day, and what better way to celebrate it than possibly being the lucky recipient of this bookcase?

With that said, here’s my (shameless) public service announcement — go to Ann’s blog, and participate. And if you win, let me know. I promise I won’t cry bitter tears when you gloat about your victorious win. 😛

Course, now am stuck with a dilemma — participate and wait to see if I win, or just submit to my need for instant gratification and hit the Etsy store? Ah, decisions, decisions!

Update (11/18/2010): After my stupid bills for the month finally cleared, was able to submit my first order for Ann’s bookcase! <insert party music here> Now I have to endure the waiting….stayed tuned when it arrives!!!

Am I Seriously Seeing This?

Come to daddy!

You’d think that having six kits (yes folks — six dollhouse kits) randomly stashed around the apartment, that should keep me busy for awhile. Considering how much I’d probably would end up spending for extras to complete each one (windows, door, flooring, wallpaper, etc).

But nope. Apparently that line of logic seems to fizzle the minute you bring up minis with me. Because so long as I’m connected to the Internet, I’ll be forever “shopping” around. And probably making the local US Postal delivery lady and the UPS/FedEx dude know my address in their sleep — there’s always a package at the front door. Even BK admits he’s gotten used to it. 🙂

Well, decided to look around at eBay for things, and ran across this ad.  I had to rub my eyes a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. Nope, it’s true — someone’s selling a Villa Sibi dollhouse on eBay. Granted, the seller’s put a starting amount of $650 despite the free shipping. But the cheapest I’ve seen online for this house is $750.

Is it awful that I WANT this house? Or is it worse that I want this more than I want a wedding dress for my own wedding?  Part of me is seriously tempted to put the minimum bid. But then again, not sure how I’m gonna explain to BK how in the hell I managed to pay this unless I dipped into my now growing savings account — money that’s suppose to go to our nuptials 11 months from now.

Ach, guess I’ll have to make do and watch. And see which lucky bastard gets this house. 😦

Update as of November 10, 2010 — This Villa Sibi dollhouse got sold. Looks like someone opted to do the “Buy It Now” option on eBay and had $999.00 burning in their pocket….

It’s Here! It’s Here!!!!

Six days after my victorious win on eBay, I was surprised to come home and find at my apartment building’s main entrance three packages for me. One contained a partition that a fellow Greenleaf Dollhouse forum member made for me (thanks Mike!!) .Package 2 contained the Farmstead dollhouse kit from Celerity Homes (also an eBay find) — this is actually my second kit of this same house. Currently building the first one right now (more on that on another entry).

Package #3 — had to wait until later, because once I came into my apartment with packages at hand, BK whisked me out the door to have dinner with his best friend (and future best man) BC.  While I enjoyed BC’s company and getting the chance to eat at IHOP (me loves some breakfast food), couldn’t help but kept thinking of what was inside the last package.

Well, the “later” occured about…oh, maybe 12:45 am Saturday. BK was already asleep, and I worked as far as I could on my kit. Finally decided that while I was still wide awake, I’ll descend on the last package with my trusty craft scissors in hand…..


What do we have here? Oh my….


When I managed to rip the top part of the box, I almost had to bite my tongue when I saw the red package. Otherwise, I’d scream so loud and probably wake BK  (and our neighbors in general). It took some pulling and cutting more of the shipping package, but was able to pull out the kit with (muted) pomp and fanfare.

Talk about a beauty of a house! It’s suppose to be those A-frame houses that were popular during the 1970s. Didn’t opt to pull out the pieces, but from what I saw, the contents were intact — all the wooden pieces were present, plastic sheeting for the windows, and most importantly, the directions.

Was more impressed with the last part to be honest with you. Ganted the paper is yellow with age. But the sheet was still crisp and the printed directions were still clear.  Couldn’t get a good shot of the instructions, so I brought it to the kitchen and took snapshots of it.

Page 1 of the instruction manual. It has furniture included with the kit!

The sheet was pretty huge, but luckily seemed clear (enough). But won’t know until I start working on it — that is, if I finish the Celerity farmstead. 🙂

This is super exciting — can’t wait when it’s this house’s turn to get assembled!