Oh the Joys of Second Chances

I had placed a bid on a lovely A-Frame house kit in September — only to find my euphoric feeling of smugness get crushed the following morning thanks to someone else putting a winning bid.  What made it worst was that I felt that I failed Call Small since I promised that if I won the kit, I’d share all the secrets the kit had to offer. Especially since she too is the proud owner of an A-Frame house as well.

Figured after that fiasco, that kit was packed and sent to its new owner, ready to be built and loved and cherished. While I sat in a corner sobbing bitter tears.

Okay, the last part was melodramatic and stuff. But really folks, it really did sucked.

But about a week ago, Call Small sent me a message telling me that the kit was back on eBay — same kit, same seller. Not quite sure what happened — maybe the winning bidder kirked out, or something. Or maybe the miniature gods heard my pathetic blubbering. Or saw BK getting worried at my tearing my hair that fateful morning.

But whatever the case, I jumped onto my account and put a bid on that sucker.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited…

…till about last night. After a failed waiting out for trick o’ treaters (as much as I like our current apartment complex, the lack of residents with kids = nonexistant trick o’ treaters. Sad!!), I got an email from ebay saying that I won. Apparently there were no bidders — and I won it by the starting amount. Double score! 😀

Oh happy day — now I gotta figure an explanation to BK as to why he saw me dancing on the coffee table to the tune of “Let It Whip”….

Okay, not exactly like the chick at 2:20…but if I could, damn straight I would! That’s how happy I was!


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