Mini Modernista is Now Open!

Aren't these beautiful? Yes, yes they are!

Was pretty stoked to receive an email from Doris Nathanson of Mini Modernista letting her (loyal) fans know that her online store is now open.  Yes folks, that means we don’t have to wait till she posts items on eBay to get her gorgeous, drool worthy modern minis (*cough* thank goodness *cough*). Now, we can go to, ogle to our hearts content…and start adding stuff to your online cart. Much like one does at a grocery store before a major storm (sans the equally crazy folks of course).

And unlike some places that sell modern minis, her prices are super reasonable. Plus, did I tell you that Doris is super awesome and nice? (Yeah,  I know, it’s a shameless PSA, but folks, it’s the damn truth!!)

Aw man — Doris, I love you, but you’re gonna kill me with these beauties. I should be saving up for my wedding, not rob my savings account blind with these lovelies!!!  Thank god BK loves me enough to tolerate this craziness!


3 thoughts on “Mini Modernista is Now Open!

  1. Hi Doris — I will submit my congrats to Mini Dork after this. But your having an online store is my highlight this month. And perfect timing too — I bought an A-Frame dollhouse kit, and I’m hoping to buy some pieces to populate it. The kit claims it’s a 1:12 scale, but got a weird feeling I might have to resort to 1:18 scale the more I read the assembly instructions….

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