It’s Here! It’s Here!!!!

Six days after my victorious win on eBay, I was surprised to come home and find at my apartment building’s main entrance three packages for me. One contained a partition that a fellow Greenleaf Dollhouse forum member made for me (thanks Mike!!) .Package 2 contained the Farmstead dollhouse kit from Celerity Homes (also an eBay find) — this is actually my second kit of this same house. Currently building the first one right now (more on that on another entry).

Package #3 — had to wait until later, because once I came into my apartment with packages at hand, BK whisked me out the door to have dinner with his best friend (and future best man) BC.Β  While I enjoyed BC’s company and getting the chance to eat at IHOP (me loves some breakfast food), couldn’t help but kept thinking of what was inside the last package.

Well, the “later” occured about…oh, maybe 12:45 am Saturday. BK was already asleep, and I worked as far as I could on my kit. Finally decided that while I was still wide awake, I’ll descend on the last package with my trusty craft scissors in hand…..


What do we have here? Oh my….


When I managed to rip the top part of the box, I almost had to bite my tongue when I saw the red package. Otherwise, I’d scream so loud and probably wake BKΒ  (and our neighbors in general). It took some pulling and cutting more of the shipping package, but was able to pull out the kit with (muted) pomp and fanfare.

Talk about a beauty of a house! It’s suppose to be those A-frame houses that were popular during the 1970s. Didn’t opt to pull out the pieces, but from what I saw, the contents were intact — all the wooden pieces were present, plastic sheeting for the windows, and most importantly, the directions.

Was more impressed with the last part to be honest with you. Ganted the paper is yellow with age. But the sheet was still crisp and the printed directions were still clear.Β  Couldn’t get a good shot of the instructions, so I brought it to the kitchen and took snapshots of it.

Page 1 of the instruction manual. It has furniture included with the kit!

The sheet was pretty huge, but luckily seemed clear (enough). But won’t know until I start working on it — that is, if I finish the Celerity farmstead. πŸ™‚

This is super exciting — can’t wait when it’s this house’s turn to get assembled!

6 thoughts on “It’s Here! It’s Here!!!!

  1. OMG.. I loveeee AFrame Homes! Its wonderful that you were able to get a hold of one in such great shape. WOW.

    I’m happy for you, but just a little jealous… ok, maybe a whole lot jealous πŸ˜‰

    • Really?? Oh my goodness, that’s awesome! I’d love to hear how the assembly process was like! I’m a little nervous tackling it given if one of the pieces breaks or snaps….not sure what I’d do from that point on….

  2. Dear Chibipulse,
    I have been trying to acquire one of those A-Frame wooden Doll houses from Whitman without success. They are not that easy to find, hehe.
    I’m glad you got yours and I hope you enjoy it πŸ˜‰ (a bit jealous) lol
    Well, I have been trying to reproduce it in wood cause I really like the model following directions from the picture you posted. Unfortunately the picture is very small and I just cannot see the dimensions and details properly. I was wondering if you would PLEASE be kind enough to scan the instructions and send the resulting scans to my email address, please, please, a thousand times please. πŸ™‚ I just love constructing wooden houses from scratch and got in love with that one first sight and I think if I had a HD scan from the instruction pages I could then probably build it properly.

    Thanks in advance and may God bless.


    • Hi Carlos,
      Thanks for the comment — let me check the kit to double check and make sure I have the instructions. If remember correctly, the sheet is pretty big. Let me get back to you and I’ll shoot an email. πŸ™‚

      DK (aka Chibipulse)

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