Something to Add in the “Lust List”

All I can say is "Yum!" (photo courtesy of Ann N. from Amazing Miniatures)

Took a break from work and decided to check out new postings in my list of favorite mini blogs. One of the ones I’ve started following is Ann’s Amazing Miniatures blog. The blog title’s so appropriate imho — Ann created some pretty impressive modern minis. And best part? She also runs a shop on Etsy selling her all-too-delicious creations.

The one that I’ve loved the most was her modern bookcase. Had to re-read the entries a couple of times to see how she constructed it. Honestly, the process sounds straightforward. But there is one thing Ann has that I don’t exactly have — and that’s patience. The more I read how she built the bookcase, the more I kept thinking “no way in *#@^&#@ hell do I have THAT KIND of patience!” Which is bizzare, given that I have no problem building a house the minute I get the kit. And that’s probably more complicated than this.

So unless I actually forced myself to make one, would have to make do of reading Ann’s blog and think what a lucky gal she is to own such a masterpiece.

So imagine my reaction when I checked out her blog — and discovered two surprises.

  1. Ann learned how to clone the bookcase using resin = meaning now she can make reproductions of her gorgeous bookcase! And sell it on Etsy! (insert choirs of angels singing hymns here. Seriously)
  2. To celebrate (and to start a stampede of rabid fans), Amazing Miniatures is doing a giveaway of one of these babies.

That’s right folks — a giveaway. In fact, Ann made it super easy to participate via two routes. The first is checking out her Facebook page and hitting the “like” button. The second route is posting a comment in her blog. Either route will automatically enter you into the giveaway.

Of course, you gotta haul ass if you wanna secure a chance to win. Last day to participate is Nov 19th,and frankly folks, that’s coming soon. ‘Fore you know it, it’s Turkey Day, and what better way to celebrate it than possibly being the lucky recipient of this bookcase?

With that said, here’s my (shameless) public service announcement — go to Ann’s blog, and participate. And if you win, let me know. I promise I won’t cry bitter tears when you gloat about your victorious win. 😛

Course, now am stuck with a dilemma — participate and wait to see if I win, or just submit to my need for instant gratification and hit the Etsy store? Ah, decisions, decisions!

Update (11/18/2010): After my stupid bills for the month finally cleared, was able to submit my first order for Ann’s bookcase! <insert party music here> Now I have to endure the waiting….stayed tuned when it arrives!!!


4 thoughts on “Something to Add in the “Lust List”

  1. When I saw this post in my feeds.. I teared up >_< Its so nice that people actually like my work. I am my worst critic after all!

    And I know I already said thank you to you.. but thank you so much for posting, Daphne!

    • Hey Ann – don’t be so hard on yourself. Trust me, the stuff you’ve created is sheer genius! At least that’s how I see it!

      I am planning to buy a bookcase from your store — the thing that’s holding me back is how many. Half of me says one but one part of me is going “but I can see it being used in so many settings!”. Especially from someone who has the multiple dollhouse kits in her possession. 😛

      And beaucoup thanks for letting me not only post up an entry about your blog, but also getting permission to use the photo!

      • Aw thanks hun!! *wipes my watery eyes* That happens often too.. I am the sentimental type hehe.

        For the bookcases, I’m experimenting with adding color tints to it, so you may see it in blue, red, and yellow very soon. 😉

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