Oh You Sexy, Sexy Beast You!

Oh yeah! Work it baby! Work it!

My last entry prior to Thanksgiving mentioned my giving in to my (mini) desires and ordering Ann’s droolworthy bookcase in her Etsy store.  Yeah, I know I’m doing some shameless pimping/product placement here. But again, it’s my blog and I really do like to shine the limelight on folks who simply encourage us fans to love our modern mini hobby even more. 😀

Will confess though — I ordered this from Ann on Nov 18th and actually got the package on the 22nd (Ann, that was some *#$@ fast shipping). Talk about perfect timing — the work week was already looking crappy, and this definitely lightened my mood.

If you read her entry about this bookcase, Ann created a mold of her original wooden version and created copies using resin. Can definitely sympathize about the whole process of sanding each copy down — I was running my fingers through the surfaces and folks, it’s as smooth as butter.

Had to wait to take pics later because the next evening I got a couple of packages that I won on eBay. One was this black porcelain doll that needed repair (her neck was wobby) and bought some vintage Pippa doll clothes from the UK.

A brief background on Pippa dolls — they’re these 6.5″ fashion dolls that were popular in the UK during the 1960s/70s. The US had their own version of these dolls called “Dawn” dolls as well. But personally, think the Pippa line had better 60s mod fashions which I adore. So whenever possible, I try to bid on lots on both eBay and eBay UK on these clothes — figured it’s better than trying to stitch something passable to fit my growing collection of miniature dolls. Dolls that need homes asap *slaps hand to forehead*

My Bohemian beauty with her new bookcase

So after fixing the doll (ended up just gluing her neck in place), I had to stich the clothing a bit to accommodate her (she was 1″ shorter so the pants were way too long). Loved how it turned out — she reminds me of those fashionable Bohemians I’d imagine hitting Soho. Now I just need to string up some beads and make a chunky necklace and she’s all set.

BK saw the finished product and asked me if I have given her a name. Had to think long and hard, then the name Simone popped to mind. It seemed to fit her don’t you think?

Even better was when I posed Simone next to the bookcase — and realized that they belong to a set I’m planning to work on in (hopefully) the next few weeks.

Bookcase/Room Divider by Ann N of Amazing Miniatures. “Simone” was an Ebay find (yeeeaaaahhhh!!!) . Blue/yellow jumpsuit is a Pippa Doll vintage outfit won on eBay UK.

2 thoughts on “Oh You Sexy, Sexy Beast You!

  1. Thanks for the good words hun… and I am so glad you like the bookcase! I can’t wait to see what you’re up to. (*waits patiently for more pictures* ;-))

    Also love how Simone looks! I’ve been in the market for a doll for a while, and I’m desperate for a ball joint doll. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any in 1:12 scale aside from something custom that would probably cost me my left arm and a leg. These Pippa dolls seem intriguing though.. hmm..

    • Hey Ann — glad you enjoyed the post and Simone! Was initially hesitant putting a bid on her on eBay because the photos didn’t portray her in a good way. Glad when she arrived, she’s a lot prettier than thought!

      Hoping to take updated shots of the dolls and posting them online. For the ball joint dolls, actually am starting to get and grow fond of the Heidi Ott dolls (they’re surprisingly articulate). And yeah, they’re pretty crazy in terms of prices. Some I got lucky via eBay, though this seller in the UK ships them for free worldwide — maybe that might be an option?


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