Modern Minis in the News!

As always, Doris Nathason of Mini Modernista was gracious to send out to her fans a news article about her recent exhibition of her modern minis on the SF Gate. It’s pretty impressive — she and the “major players” in the miniature field (like PRD Miniatures for example) gave excellent viewpoints about the modern mini field.

I really hope in time, the modern genre will gain more of a niche in the dollhouse field. There’s nothing wrong with period stuff, mind you. But it really sucks going to a miniature shop and seeing mostly Victorian stuff. And worse, the mainstream manufacturer’s rendition of “modern” looks straight from the 80s. I want “Mad Men” esque stuff — not Duran Duran.

Am really really happy to see the mini hobby getting coverage — I just hope the popularity doesn’t cause the prices to go up further (please, please don’t do that — I wanna stay a fan, but I don’t wanna be broke too!).

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