All the Single Ladies

My three single ladies

My three single ladies From left to right: Theresa, Pia, Anya

Yeah, yeah, it’s been awhile since my last post (egads, close to a month ago!). Sorry about that folks, but after my last entry, things have been just plain nutty in the real world. If it’s not my job, it’s something occurring at home. Or the wedding. Or — still not sure how the hell this happened — the new conundrum of whether BK and I should look into buying a home (and scrapping the wedding plans altogether). Or having a crisis of faith and debating about changing the location of the wedding celebration (assuming we decide to screw buying a home).

Add to the mix the fact my desktop decided to die on me for real. Now I’m borrowing BK’s laptop at home until my lovely new — and hopefully more robust — desktop tower arrives from HP. And go through the lovely installation process of all my programs. Good times…

But enough of the bitchy rant — show me the minis!!!

I actually got these dolls awhile back — they are actually creations by Theresa Hutnik and was impressed by the designs. Course, the challenge I had was choosing which of her ladies I wanted to buy! Ended up settling for the middle and right most doll in the photo, submitting my payment via PayPal, and soon, was sitting waiting for the Postal Lady to show up with my packages (BK and I owe her a nice holiday gift for all the times she had to lug packages to our mailbox every day)!

When I got the box, I was a little confused at its size — I only ordered two dolls (the middle and right one in the photo), so the package should have been a relatively small one.  Little did I know that my passenger had guests. Along with the gals on the right — the another doll was wrapped beside them.

Got a little worried so I contacted Ms. Hutnik  to offer to pay for the third doll. Much to my surprise, she replied that the Doll #3 was a thank you gift!  Had to say, I sat at my computer for a good hour just blinking and making sure I read her email correctly. Did I hit the good karma jackpot or something?

After thanking Mr. Hutnik, I decided to name the doll. Hopefully she won’t mind. 🙂

Update: October 5, 2011 — I checked Ms. Hutnik’s Etsy shop and saw that she has two more dolls left. If you’re looking for a lovely lady (or two) to model your miniature world, totally recommend snapping them up. They look beautiful in the photos, but they’re even more gorgeous when you see them in person.

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