Yeah I Know It’s Been Awhile…

...not sure how most folks can do it. You know, juggle life and keep their blog posts up and running.

I will admit I am terrible with my blog. Will have moments where I’m furiously writing one entry after another. Then will have moments where real life simply gets in the way.

Since the last entry, things have just been plain nutty. If it’s not work kicking my ass, it’s the wedding planning and the apparently that erupts when the words “wedding” and “marriage” got dropped. And rather than DIYing my next mini project, all my energies are being put towards projects to said wedding.

Funny thing is, it didn’t occur to me how the more I worked into those projects, the unhappy I got. Was I unhappy? Was this going over my head?

Luckily, no — it was more of I never gave time to myself to do things I genuinely enjoyed.  Like reading a book. Or watching Scrubs. Or just being to cuddle next to my future husband BK on a Saturday morning and sleep in.

Not sure how it happened, but let’s say BK and my dolls decided to intervene. By having me make this cardbox out of a dollhouse roombox.

It was actually BK’s idea. He knew we needed a cardbox for the wedding. But seeing how stressed I was over the invites, he calmly suggested that I make it using a dollhouse roombox.  Funny how a simple idea like this actually lighten my mood considerably.

Started with getting the Seaview Roombox from a miniature shop in Canada called Victoria Miniland. It was a bit pricey (forget how shipping from Canada can be $$$ too!), but I definitely like it. It’s pretty straightforward assembling it, and I love how the front attaches to the main box by magnets embedded in the panel. So I don’t have to pull out the drill to make hinges. Though I might need to install latches to keep this secure.

While the overall roombox was easy, I was not crazy with the original door and window that came with it. For one, it was difficult as hell to paint its trim if you’re painting the rest of the box with a different color. Plus…I wanted the roombox to mimic the historical townhomes in Old Town Alexandria (where BK and I live). So ended up tearing out the door and windows, and installing a layer of foamcore to reinforce the front panel. That way, I can not only install a new door and window, but give a stable base to install siding (using cardboard upholstery strips).  The interior was pretty straightforward being a single room. But to help cut down costs (I was putting every single penny I saved towards the wedding), had to resort to using what I had available. That was probably a good thing — not only did I find what I needed, but discovered crap I bought months ago and had completely forgotten! 😛

Am pretty happy with the finished product (and apparently so did BK and my family). The hysterical part? Now my cousins are lining up asking if they can either borrow the cardbox or make one for them when it’s their time to get married. While that’s flattering and all…I’ll be too busy going back to my hobby thank you very much. Didn’t realize how much I miss doing this!