Prototype Kit Test – Day Three

The Inspiration. Photo courtesy of IKEA.

After building the shell (and installing the wallpaper), I spent the rest of Day Two just figuring out what to do in regards to the interior. Since this is a test run of Monsieur M’s kit, I wanted to make sure that it makes a statement of sorts. But how does one go about that?

After mulling it over (and giving in to BK’s request to watch Holmes Inspection with him – telling you, we love Mike Holmes and that show, but damn, he’s scaring us away from possibly buying our first home soon!), I ended up going to bed flipping through my much-loved, though worn out, IKEA catalog. It was when I got to the kitchen section that I had my light bulb moment.

In my head, I envisioned a section of the kitchen – white cabinets with warm wood toned countertops flanking a sleek appliance. On the wall were matching white cabinets. But rather than having solid or even glass doors, they’d be open in order to showcase its contents – plates and mugs in bright, rich greens and reds, alongside sparkling glassware.  Of course, I’m planning to insert some special requests from my husband to have some pantry items on the shelves. Though sadly, I told him I can’t guarantee putting a canister of Ovaltine in the shelves. Maybe later, once this project is complete.

Luckily I had some cabinets that I bought from a local miniature shop (that alas, is no longer in business — that always saddens me to see a beloved miniature shop meet such an end). But when it came to the appliance – I needed something that can handle being the center of attention.  A thorough search through my mini bins resulted in this lovely piece (aka “Betty”).

The centerpiece of the Prototype's Room

The backsplash pattern

This was an item I bought from the Dollhouse Emporium many years ago when they still had in stock. I was initially hesitant to purchase this because Betty costed me an arm and a leg. But guess eating ramen for a month made it worthwhile — because 3 years later, she’s finally getting used.  Plus, she looks like the type of stove I’d see at IKEA….assuming they are planning to make one for the masses (hint, hint).  As you can see in the photo, Betty’s a very pretty gal to look at.  But when I set her up inside the Prototype room (see right photo)…it looked like she needed something to make her stand out even more. Or to be honest — that white area between the burners and the underside of the roof was making Betty looking blah.

Immediately the idea of a backsplash came to mind – maybe something like the Spanish mosaic tiles BK and I have always loved in homes.  That sounded great and all, but because Betty was made of plastic (especially the area where I’d have to do the backsplash), I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t trust myself in installing individual tiles against the plastic. At the same time, I didn’t want the backsplash to be bulky in appearance. So that meant that it needed to be something I can install like wallpaper.  Then it occurred to me that I made a mosaic pattern in Adobe Illustrator a few months ago for a training course I took. When I pulled it up and re-sized it…it was perfect.

Left: the "tiles" cut to size. Right side: My Xyron sticker maker to the rescue!

After measuring the area where the pattern will be installed, I applied the pattern on Illustrator and printed it out using some photo paper. Then I trimmed the area down to size and did a dry fit of it on Betty. Once I was satisfied with it…I pulled out my Xyron sticker maker. Not sure what prompted me to try this — I used this tool for my wedding to make labels. Guess it was one of those unexplained “why the hell not?” moments.

A couple of turns on the crank later…I made my backsplash into a permanent sticker that I slapped onto Betty. I was pretty suprised how it turned out. Based on the last photo, it gave that “oomph” that I needed.  To see additional photos, please visit my gallery.

The finished product

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