Prototype Kit Test – Day Three (Part II)

The cabinets - not bad, but in need of a countertop.

Given how quickly I dressed up Betty with her new backsplash, I ended up just continuing with some items.  I went ahead and cut the baseboard and cornices I needed to install for the Prototype. After sanding and painting the pieces to my liking, the cornices were installed and clamped into place while it dried. For the baseboards though, I had to wait until I finished installing the base cabinets (since they’ll dictate how I’ll need to mitre/trim the baseboard).

Like I stated in my last post, the cabinets were a purchase I made. Granted, I had some kitchen cabinet kits that I could have used. But to be honest…I didn’t feel like making an even bigger mess in my worktable. Plus with the holidays around the corner…was a little worried that I’d be pulled into handling other things.

Anyways, when I put them against Betty…I found them to be a bit shorter than expected. Luckily, the solution to correct this issue was simple: installing a countertop. I had to dig around a bit in my bin to find a wide strip to accommodate the cabinet top.

Capital! A wood countertop!

Once I found a worktable strip, I took one of the cabinets and used it to measure the amount I needed. Wanted it to have a bit of a lip on the front and side opposite the cooktop, so I had to add an extra 1/16 of an inch on those sides. After penciling in the guides….had to resort to some jerry-rigging to make sure my little saw could cut through the wood. Stupid ass me realized that my mitre box wasn’t big enough to accommodate the strip…maybe something to hint to BK as a holiday present to give to his wife (yeah, talk about romantic).

After cutting two pieces to act as the countertop, I sanded the pieces smooth (hurrah that it’s basswood) before applying some cherry wood stain. I thought about maybe trying to simulate a granite countertop (similar to how otterine did for her mini kitchen — pretty brilliant btw). But, since I’m trying to go for an IKEA inspired kitchen…figured maybe doing a wooden countertop was the best way to go. So after a few coats of the cherry wood stain (and sanding in between), and a good rub down of beeswax, my counters were done and ready to be installed.

Because the wood was relatively thin (maybe 1/4″), I avoided using any water based glue and went for the Quick Grip. While I love using this stuff (it really does bond things quickly), the smell never fails to make me gag. O_o  Then again, guess there’s no point bitching if the stuff does it job right?

After the countertops were glued and dried (I applied some small clamps to make sure the countertops were flush against the cabinets), I used the Quick Grip adhesive again to attach the cabinets firmly against the rear wall and the stove. So far, so good!

Woohoo! Bottom cabinets done!

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