Happy Holidays Everyone

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah/Happy Kwanzaa/Maligayang Pasko/Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh/Joyeuses Fรชtes/Felices Fiestas/Trevlig Helg/Boas Festas/Mutlu Bayramlar/Jie Ri Yu Kuai/Tanoshii kurisumasu wo/Hau’oli Lanui/Selamat Hari Raya!

Why all the different greetings you might ask? Cause I’m a global girl. At least I try to be. ๐Ÿ˜›

Here’s to everyone celebrating with families, friends, and loved ones — while the year is coming to a close, may it be so full of laughter and good times, that it rolls over to the new year!

From Daphne, BK, our rats, and the crazy (and ever expanding) dollhouse crew of ย A Miniature Obsession

New Kit Alert for All You Modern Mini Fans!

Photo courtesy of Miniatures.com.

First off, happy holidays everyone! We’re getting close to the big holiday weekend, and hopefully everyone’s ready for the festivities!

Just wanted to send this alert to anyone who follows my blog (Mom, yes, you count) – may this be cause for celebration for us modern mini fans. ๐Ÿ˜€

Apparently HBS (aka miniatures.com) has released a new kit that looks like….wait for it…. a modern loft called the MiniTown Loft. Am not kidding! Awesome points about: it’s really easy to build (it’s less than 10 pieces). Even better? It’s about $30 for the kit, and another $30 smackers if you want the components to complete it.ย  And for this poor bastard, that’s a steal!

Additional details can be found at this link. Definitely check it out! Though a head’s up — they’ll start shipping this in January so don’t expect this baby to show up under your tree!

Maybe if I stop babbling like an idiot at my work computer, I’ll order a couple of these beauties. Hopefully BK won’t be angry about it. ๐Ÿ˜€

Update (12/22/2011): Found out that this kit and its component are out of stock. But if you order, the company will send it out the minute they’re available. Can’t wait for mine to arrive soon!

A New Member in the Family

The newest member of my dollhouse kits collection - the beautiful Tudor cottage called the Glencroft. Photo courtesy of Greenleaf Dollhouse.

…of my dollhouse kits that is. Many apologies to family members if they thought the title meant BK and I are expecting! o_O

But I wanted to write a quick post because I just received this in the mail (from fellow Greenleaf Dollhouse forum member and mini blogger Minis Over the Hill). Thanks Joane for your patience as we figured out the whole shipping arrangement! Funny how we’re technically in the same area, and how we both marveled at how quickly this beauty arrived from your place to mine!

I’m hoping to work on this really soon (after the Prototype is completed of course – Monsieur M, if you have any more of these, please let me know! *hint, hint*).

Still not sure my game plan is — hoping I’ll have some ideas while BK and I are away at Cape Cod to see his family (after spending Christmas with my family on the 25th). I might opt to go traditional, maybe something on the shabby chic side. ย As for the exterior, the kit comes with the picket fence you see here. Given the limited space in my apartment, I might opt to not install it. Just in case BK and I will need to move to either a bigger rental or miraculously find a home we can afford in the DC Metro area. Again, will see. ๐Ÿ˜€

Also found out — much to my delight — that the ever talented Brae of otterine.com also got a Glencroft. Her recent entry about her game plan for her kit left me swooning. Brae, you’re giving me a mini overload – keep it coming!!!

Joane – thank you, thank you for letting me provide this kit a new home. Hopefully will be keeping you posted via entries in my blog! ๐Ÿ˜€