New Kit Alert for All You Modern Mini Fans!

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First off, happy holidays everyone! We’re getting close to the big holiday weekend, and hopefully everyone’s ready for the festivities!

Just wanted to send this alert to anyone who follows my blog (Mom, yes, you count) – may this be cause for celebration for us modern mini fans. 😀

Apparently HBS (aka has released a new kit that looks like….wait for it…. a modern loft called the MiniTown Loft. Am not kidding! Awesome points about: it’s really easy to build (it’s less than 10 pieces). Even better? It’s about $30 for the kit, and another $30 smackers if you want the components to complete it.  And for this poor bastard, that’s a steal!

Additional details can be found at this link. Definitely check it out! Though a head’s up — they’ll start shipping this in January so don’t expect this baby to show up under your tree!

Maybe if I stop babbling like an idiot at my work computer, I’ll order a couple of these beauties. Hopefully BK won’t be angry about it. 😀

Update (12/22/2011): Found out that this kit and its component are out of stock. But if you order, the company will send it out the minute they’re available. Can’t wait for mine to arrive soon!

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