Prototype Kit Test – Day Five and Six

Since I’m basically writing this after the fact…but am pretty happy to report that as of February 5th….the Prototype Kit is complete. At least that’s how BK and I saw it.  Looking back at my notes, I realized that if I hadn’t been interrupted with stuff at work and at home….I could have finished the kit in literally a week. Instead, the project stretched into months as I had to scramble to find time to work on it.  Decided to merge Day 5 & 6 into a single entry mostly because I managed to actually work on the kit during the weekend. Granted, not my entire weekend, but big pockets of time nonetheless.

(Note to self: buy lotto tickets. And pray that you win big so you can either work part time or retire early. Preferably latter so there’s more time for your hobbies! Oh yeah, and your husband too!)

So long brass pins! Helloo new cabinet knobs!

On Saturday morning, I ended up switching the brass knobs on the cabinet doors. They looked okay, but because the stove had silver handles, thought it looked too weird. Had initially thought of maybe getting new hardware online, but passed out at how much they’d cost. Plus, I wasn’t in the mood to really pay for internationally shipping (note to miniature retailers: maybe looking into offering imported minis from Europe might be a good idea. You will get business from crackpots like me if you do!).

Then it hit me — I had a ton of map pins in my desk drawer. Could I use them as the new knobs instead?  After wasting two pins, figured out how to cut the pins down to size, and press/glue them into the cabinet doors. Tada! New and cute knobs!

After that little stint, BK and I went out to meet some friends for dim sum (yay!), followed by errands. When we got home, my husband discovered a package had arrived for me. Talk about good timing — they were stuff for the cabinets!


I bought these awhile back via eBay through a UK vendor that carried 1:12 scale ceramics on the cheap. Granted, the shipping was so-so, but again, so long as you order a good amount, it balances out. I wanted everything to be in green to compliment the white cabinets and blue walls. Alas, the vendor ran out of the green color for the mini gravy boat….so had to make do with the mustard yellow. Was pretty bummed by it, but after seeing it in person…it’s quite adorable! In fact, they were so adorable….I completely forgot to help BK unpack the groceries as I started trying out ways to arrange the chinaware onto the cabinets. Luckily, we didn’t purchase alot and BK didn’t mind putting them away (whew!).

Yes! The cabinets and counters are accessorized!

Once I figured out how I wanted to arrange them, I started to apply some tacky wax on the dishes to temporarily hold them in place. Given my stubby fingers, I had to dig around for a pair of tweezers in order to put them in place.

Once the ceramics were in place, I then added some accessories in my collection to round out the rest.  Among them is the pie you see on the left side of the photo — my best girlfriend Jay’s younger sister K actually made it (along with a couple of more pies) for me as a birthday present. Jay provided beer bottle caps for the pie tin while K made the pie using clay and paints.  I was so touched by the gesture, that to this day, I guard these pies as one of my most prized miniatures.

Meanwhile, the two ceramics and platter above the cabinets I had to resort to using a cool glue gun to keep them in place. The other items on the counter and stove were actually minis I found on clearance at AC Moore years ago.  So by the end of Saturday, the kitchen was complete!

On Sunday, I didn’t get to work on the kit till almost evening. BK woke up not feeling well, so had to finish the remaining errands that day without him. By the time I was done, it was around 6 pm — and SuperBowl was starting. So while BK was on the couch watching the game (being from Massachusetts, he’s rooting for the Patriots), I was at my desk trying out some items to decorate the attic.

Holy crap - this is awesome! A mini storage box!

Since the attic was relatively small (it looks more like a crawl space if anything), I was imaging it to be more of a storage depot for boxes and random junk. When I did a search on tutorials on how to make boxes (or at least patterns I could use), I came across sites that provided printables of miniatures you can print, cut, and glue to make 3D items.

Had to admit, was a bit skeptical until I saw this tutorial to make a tote box with a lid —  it was literally a scaled down version of those file boxes we see at work. The instructions advised that you use 110lb cardstock. I didn’t have such thick cardstock on hand, but I did have 80lb cardstock. So I printed out the patterns, and followed the tutorials. It did involve alot of cutting and creasing and gluing – but hey,  I was a DIY bride, and I did exactly the same thing with the invitations. So can’t complain.

Verdict overall? It’s pretty awesome. It took me about 15 minutes to build the first box, but once I figured out where to cut, crease, and fold, the other boxes were an absolute breeze.  In fact, I got so excited that I found another mini printable site that offered things like a Victorian chest (with separate liner). I tried a couple of items but some of them didn’t turn out as nice as I thought. For now, I just resorted to assembling more boxes and a chest to make up the bulk of the attic’s contents. Once I assembled the amount I wanted, I threw in some random accessories to complete the scene. Depending on whether I’ll add more, I might end up using hot glue to permanently adhere the items on the floor….

The attic - now completed. Should I add more stuff here?

After I added the items in the attic, my husband (now bummed that the Patriots lost to the NY Giants) looked at the kit and said “I think you’re done with the house”. And he was right…think it’s safe to say that the Prototype is done and ready for an occupant!

Monsieur M, if you are reading this — thank you so much for giving me the chance to build your kit! Hoping in the next few days, I’ll get another post up about my findings regarding this kit. Overall, I really enjoyed this kit and would be open to buying more for future projects!

In the meantime though…it’s almost midnight, and I need to get some sleep before hauling my butt at 5:30 am for work. But now, I can sleep knowing this project is complete, and I can move one of my dolls into it immediately! Success!


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