Oh Dear God, My Wallet is Screaming at Me…

Found this very tasty discovery from StudioSeven’s blog Mini*Aesthetics. I will confess that I am sorely tempted to risk upsetting my husband. Granted, he’s been very encouraging in terms of my hobby/crazy obsession. But like any human, he has his limits.But seriously, this is tempting!

Apparently Chiasso.com is selling the Dylan House from Brinca Dada. And am willing to bet specific body parts, many a modern mini fan probably has a house (or more) from Brinca Dada in their ultimate wish list.  Granted, their houses are more of the 1:16 scale and “supposedly” designed for kids. But many fans know the idea of letting little fingers playing with these beauties is almost to the point of sacrilege. Let’s face — it’s too pretty.

Usually these houses can go in the hundreds depending on the vendor. But Chiasso is offering the Dylan house for the lovely price of — $98. Can we say score? Why, yes, yes we can.  Downside though — there’s only two left in stock.

Emotionally and mentally, I want this. I want it so bad that I have my wallet in front of my keyboard, and my credit card peeking out of it oh so slightly. As if tempting me to whip out its plasticky power and claim this house as my own. On the flip side, my brain’s threatening me with more than bodily harm if I go through with it. And the fact I’m gonna be feeling guilty because I will have to tell BK about why there’s a package at our apartment door.

Telling you — I need to win the lottery. 😦


2 thoughts on “Oh Dear God, My Wallet is Screaming at Me…

  1. I’d only had my Dylan a few months. I thought I nabbed it at a good sale price but this one was even better. But take comfort, another house and another sale somewhere, sometime. *smile*

  2. Hey StudioSeven — you lucky puppy you! Alas, I ended up not getting it because I came across something on DC Craigslist that was borderline crisis of faith. Apparently someone is selling the Lundby Stockholm dollhouse — house and furnishings — for a lovely discount price of $100. Unfortunately, dh saw the listing too, and quickly wrote me an email with three words: “too many dollhouses”.

    Yes, I shall wait…..and when the opportunity comes, will pounce! 😀

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