Yet Another Tasty Surprise from Monsieur M…

Photo courtesy of Mike's Miniatures - copyright 2012

Remember Monsieur M? He’s the guy that gave me the Prototype kit to test out for him. Well, looks like he’s at it again…building yet another DIY dollhouse kit that makes me scream “I want!”

The main concept (Monsieur, feel free to comment/correct/yell at me if I got this wrong) of the kit is to basically build it using a stick framework. It’s the same concept builders use to construct our real-life homes — you create the framework, set it up, then start adding the plastic sheeting, insulation, drywall, etc.  This is a pretty refreshing approach to building dollhouses if you ask me — most dollhouses you see in the market today are mostly made up of  solid panels you connect to build the walls.

What’s even more awesome about this kit? From what I’ve read in Monsieur’s blog (definitely check it out folks), because each wall is basically a frame made of rods/plans (which is then covered with matboard as the “drywall”), you can literally create your own door/window openings anywhere. So long as you carefully mark where on the matboard/drywall where you want the openings to be, you simply configure the framework to accommodate your window(s) and/or door(s).  Monsieur’s most recent entry gives a much better explanation on how to go about doing this — with photos to boot (and salivate over).

At the moment, Monsieur has shown how the kit should be assembled and how to do the openings. Curious what he has in store in terms of decorating it. The fact he used matboard for the interior/exterior walls, would love to find out what it can handle besides wallpaper and siding.

So if you’re reading this Monsieur — if you have a waiting list of customers wanting to buy this kit…you can put my name in the ranks. Until BK and I find a new place (I really need a place to work and store my minis)…I have to resort to working with the smaller kits. And you’re seriously killing me with this masterpiece of yours.


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