Wedding Photo Book – Update

I know I need to write up posts about the Primrose construction. But at the moment, I have to suspend postings about this project since I’m still waiting on certain “logistics” to arrive. Apparently, I had assumed I had things in my inventory that I could use…and it turns out I don’t. So once I get my said “packages” — figured I’ll work on some other items.

After my posting regarding the wedding photo book, I actually got a good number of messages from folks via email. Most were comments, but the ones that caught me by surprise were the suggestions to make the book thinner. They did agree that the book was just too thick — “thicker than any English anthology book I’ve suffered in university” as one person wrote. Or my personal favorite “…it’s thick enough to be used as a murder weapon by the dolls!”  That is also true as well! 🙂

So the last few days, I decided to try out the suggestions people gave. Okay, correction — ONE of the suggestions.

Many recommended that I use plain computer paper to make the pages. As you recall, I had reservations doing that in the initial project. It turned out – quite happily actually – that it did reduce the thickness of the book by 50%.

The photo books side by side. The one on the left is the revised version. Talk about a big difference!

It was definitely easier to work with the computer paper – it was thin enough to be able to do any trimming to make the pages even. Plus, I was able to get away with mostly using my (huge ass) pile of glue sticks during the assembly process. Plus, with the pages being thinner, I was able to adjust the dimensions of the book cover. Instead of building the spine to be 1/2 inch thick, it was down to 1/4 inches.

Overall, it worked great – though I have to admit, I do like the texture of the pages in my original book. Maybe next time, if I use the linen text paper for future books….maybe not create as many pages. 😛

After the book was done and the glue dried out, I randomly selected one of my (many) mini dolls to model it for me. Luckily, Monica was more than happy to oblige. Though I think I’ll have to make her one to put in her home (one of the few dollhouses I did complete – posting on that coming soon, I hope)!

Monica Branford checking out her friend’s wedding album.

Scoping out the reception photos.

Credits: Monica doll is a Heidi Ott 1:12 scale doll.  Wig is also a Heidi Ott product. Sweater and  pants were Ebay purchases. Wedding photos courtesy of the ever talented Sarah Culver of Sarah Culver photography.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Photo Book – Update

  1. I love the wedding book, one question. How did you shrink the pic for the wedding book was those actual photos if so I would love to know how that was done I’m new to the miniature world and I want to make different kind of photos and wall art.

  2. Hi Candace – yup, the photos were my actual wedding photos. To make it, I used Adobe Illustrator to help me create the pages. I put a more detailed entry about how I went about it via this post:

    But you can also replicate this using Microsoft Word. Just create a new document, and create the pages using tables (the rectangle shape will form the “pages”). Then just insert whatever photos you want inside each table. In terms of how big the photos will be, you’ll just have to eyeball it!

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