Some Mid Century Lovin’

Holy crap, three entries within the space of 48 hours? What the hell is happening here? Hopefully am not gonna jinx this! <crosses fingers>

Now that the books are all finished, the mini gods must have been in a good mood…because the local USPS mail lady showed up at the doorstep with a package for me. Alas, it’s not the supplies for the Primrose though. On the other hand….it was just as fantastically awesome.

I came across Atomic Blythe’s shop on Etsy during Mother’s Day and fell in love with her miniature furniture. Not only were the prices reasonable, but seriously, how can you not love this couch? Am an absolute sucker for blues and circles. Plus, I don’t think I can ever convince BK about getting a couch like this in real life. So having it in 1:12 scale will do.

So did I end up buying this couch you ask? Darn tootin’ I did! Happy Mother’s Day to me, that’s for ^@#& sure!

While the package arrived on yesterday, I finally opened it this morning and (according to BK) spent the following hour or so rummaging through my bins of minis (which has gone from 3 rubbermaid containers to 4. God help me with this obsession) until I found this table.

I actually bought this table on eBay, but found out shortly after that the Minis2X has an Etsy store. If you got money burning in your pocket, definitely check out her store. That way I can live vicariously through you.  Because seriously, I’d be willing to eat cereal for a month if I can furnish a house or roombox with her stuff.  Unfortunately my husband and our pet rats aren’t going to roll with that idea anytime soon. 😛

With the table and sofa in place, I asked my resident Italian supermodel Pia if she’d grant me the honor of posing with them. If you ask me, I think she’s already making dibs on these pieces.

Have to say, I need more mid-century pieces — I got an idea of (yet another) project to try. Do you have any suggestions? Let me know!

Daydreaming perhaps?

Credits: Mid-Century Sofa by Atomic Blythe (Etsy); Coffee Table by Minis2X (Etsy); Pia the Supermodel by Theresa Hutnick (Etsy);  Pia’s clothing is a Pippa outfit purchased from Ebay.


5 thoughts on “Some Mid Century Lovin’

  1. Glad you got the coffee table from eBay. I copied it from the furniture at our bank. I don’t know what is stranger coping furniture from the bank or that thy make banks look so homey now. Well I found the two side tables that were part of that group. Contact me through etsy with your address and I will send them to you.

    Patie. Minisx2

    • Holy smokes — talk about an honor (another artisan commenting on my blog)! Thank you for posting a comment Patie! And um…welcome to the blog! 😀

      I absolutely love this table – again, since the chance of owning an actual real-size piece is pretty much close to zero, having it in 1:12 scale is perfectly acceptable. 🙂

      Seriously?? This table was from an actual table at your bank? That’s pretty hysterical – that must be a pretty swanky bank!

  2. I like both of these artesians’ work as well and look forward to patronizing them in the future. Daphne, you should do swank more often! This is a great ensemble and once you get the tables (so sweet of you Patie) can’t wait to see an all out room design. Keep up your momentum girlie.

    • Ah-hah! So you’re the lucky puppy that bought that desk. I was eyeing that piece initially at Patie’s shop. But it’s good to see it being purchased and displayed (that’s a sexy setup btw on your post – if only filing taxes could be that stylin’!).

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